May 2012 Table of Contents


Nature & Nurture

Whether helping the body or lifting the spirit, therapy animals have few bounds to assisting people with disabilities.

Driver's Choice

The days of having to drive a bulky wheelchair-accessible van are long gone.

An Apple a Day…

It may not keep the doctor completely away, but nutrition is key for people with spinal-cord injury.

Made to Fit?

What does customization really mean for today’s manual wheelchairs? All three types of customization are important, but they are far from the same and have very different consequences.

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Also in this issue:

Pregnancy After Spinal-cord Injury

More women of reproductive age are becoming pregnant after spinal-cord injury.

What Makes a Person Attractive?

Physical appearance is not the only thing that is attractive to others.

A Mother's Blessing

Being a mother has been the biggest and most honorable blessing in my life.

The Power of Encouragement

Getting students to study subjects such as science, math, and engineering is always tough, and it can be even harder to get kids with disabilities to follow that path. A new program is helping encourage these students to take on that challenge.

How Safe Is Your Home? (Part II)

Staying safe at home can be as simple as picking up clutter lying around. Other times things require a bit more thought and planning.

Accessible Skies

The super-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliner has new accessibility enhancements throughout.

DOT Fines Allegiant Air

Allegiant violates rules protecting air travelers with disabilities.

Capital Parking

Washington, D.C., gets 400 more handicap-parking spaces in the central business district.

Travelin' Chair

This Travel Wheelchair Package offers the freedom to move about without lugging around a heavy traditional wheelchair.

Celebrate Mobility

First annual National Mobility Awareness Month celebrates the mobile lifestyle of people with disabilities.

Home Workout

A new piece of equipment enables a total body workout at home—in your wheelchair.

Get a Grip

Out-Front says its new wheelchair handrim provides outstanding gripping and maximum control.

Hold On

The FlyGrip is a one-handed solution for holding electronic devices.

Edward Joseph Derwinski

VA's first secretary passes away.

Rory Cooper, PhD

Dr. Rory Cooper receives Mentor Award.

Ralph Braun

Mobility pioneer Ralph Braun joins the NMEDA Hall of Fame.

Seating Guide

Special Seating explains wheelchairs and seating.

Making Peace with Paralysis

Memoir explains that success after paralysis is possible.

The Many Lives of Kirk Kilgour

"Lucky Break" tells the story of new life and new love after spinal-cord injury.

ADAAA Impact

A pair of publications from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) can help clarify the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAAA).

Lawyers With Disabilities

Jobs for people with disabilities bring lawyers to Washington, D.C., this month.

Trucking Discrimination

An Indianapolis-based trucking company is facing charges of discrimination against qualified drivers because of their disabilities.

Charges Against Bank of America

Alleged discrimination in lending requirements brings charges.

Disability Matters Awards

Businesses and individuals honored for commitment to the disability community.

Racing to Recovery Gala

Sam Schmidt Foundation honors race-car driver Johnny Rutherford.

Online Education

Urology Health series is designed to help medical professionals and clinicians.

Arts Festival Set for Boston

National Veterans Creative Arts Festival in October will showcase visual and performing arts.

Good News

Competitive bidding for durable medical equipment results in countless challenges for the complex rehab industry.

Softball for Juniors

Help needed for developing wheelchair softball teams and programs for kids with disabilities.

26.2 Miles

To some, just the thought of trying to run a marathon is madness. But to others, like Carlos Leon, it’s a lifestyle.

Bowling Ambassador

Wheelchair bowler Al Uttecht is a new member of the USBC Hall of Fame.

On Your Marks…

A spot on Team USA and a trip to London will be on the line in Indianapolis during the 2012 U.S. Paralympics Track & Field Trials.

Team USA Set

The men's wheelchair basketball team ready to go to this summer's Paralympic Games in London.

Staying on Site

Annual visits to VA SCI centers ensure the best patient care possible.

A Matter of Definition

The increase in the number of veterans organizations and the use of the term "warrior" seem unusual and worth investigating.

VGLI Benefit

Insurance plays an important role in the lives of veterans. Everyone should become familiar with the provisions, policies and changes that govern this benefit.

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