September 2011 Table of Contents


Surf's Up!

While the National Veterans Golden Age Games strive to offer competition for every level of ability, it is the camaraderie that makes this event so important.

Technology Meets Accessibility

Electronics enhance accessible home design.

Training Online

E-learning is helping PVA deliver better service.

Up, Up, and Away

A California company brings hot-air ballooning to people in wheelchairs.

Inspiration for Sale

A pair of entrepreneurs are providing much more than beautiful products.

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Also in this issue:

The Perfect Vehicle

The Hawaiian canoe is the perfect vehicle for rehabilitation.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

There’s a myth that self-employment is meant for certain personality types.

It’s Up to Us!

Changes must be made to airline and TSA regs for passengers with disabilities.

Healthcare Transparency

A new VA program allows vets to use a hospital of their choice.

You Said It...

Letters from PN readers praise Editor Richard Hoover's strong words (June column) about Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) annual exams for people with SCI, as well as service dogs as pets.

Phase II Clinical Trial Assesses Drug’s Safety

Two dozen people participate in double-blind study.

Help for Vets with ALS

PVA assists in obtaining home modifications, accessible vehicle, and access to information.

MS and Cognition

How does MS affect people with the disease and their family members and friends?

Skin Complications of SCI/D

Meticulous skin care with daily bathing and avoidance of excessive moisture on skin surfaces is mandatory.

Around the House

Charles Schwab, Architect, AIA
Innovative cook tops and ovens make the kitchen experience fun, creative—and more accessible.

Be Informed, Resourceful, and Persistent

Women with disabilities often find it a challenge to find accessible breast-health services.

Women Vets Call Center

VA solicits ideas on how to enhance healthcare services for women.

Airline Fined for ACAA Violation

Carrier denies assistance to wheelchair users.

New TAP on the Way

Plan seeks to eliminate problems with employment service for veterans.

VA Claims Process

Improvements planned to speed up the more than 800,000 disability claims jamming the system.

Putting Vets Back to Work

Legislation may reduce unemployment figures.

Caregiver Act Needs Changes

Program lacks avenue of support and excludes certain veterans.

Emergency Registry

Database link gives first responders details about people with special needs.

Global Disability

Resource aids countries implementing the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Social Security

A list of interesting facts that could impact you!

Some Sound Investment Tips

“Not-so-hot tips” can throw a kink in your long-term investment approach.

Lankford Lands Lone Star

Tennessee angler wins Lone Star PVA Texas Roundup Bass Tournament Open Competition.

Wonderful Walleye

South Dakota tournament offers plenty of fish.

London Calling

Handcycler has eyes on the Paralympics.

Freedom to Fish

Hands-free device enables the entire experience.

St. Charles Welcomes PVA

Trapshooters find a new venue on the PVA Trap Circuit.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Wichita…

Train travel has challenges for a PVA trapshooter.

Fit to a T

Company adapts clients’ own clothes.

Award Honor

Employment awards recognize Lex Frieden’s contributions.

Robotic Therapy

Mobility-training system comes to the United States.

VA Housing Grants

Designed to create greater independence, how much are they, and how do veterans apply for them?

Hurry Up and Wait: Navigating the VA Claims System

Why does it take so long, and how does the process work?

Nehmer v. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Vietnam veterans and their survivors, who alleged VA had improperly denied their claims for service-connected compensation for disabilities allegedly caused by exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange (AO)

What’s in Your Future?

Plan now for accessible trips in 2012.

Rating System for Hotels

Website will offer real-time availability of accessible rooms.

Sexuality Guide

Resource explores topics important after spinal-cord injury.

VA Report Card

Check out how VA medical centers measure up to quality goals.

Accessible Vans

Buyers guide aids van purchases.

Wheelchair for Kids

Pediatric wheelchair offers several new features.

Portable Lift

Compact personal transfer system aids moving to various locations.

Bathroom Aid

Products may resolve costly bathroom remodels.


A listing of events for people with disabilities.

ADA’s Impact

Lack of access to facilities is more than an inconvenience for people with disabilities.

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