August 2011 Table of Contents


Feel Good About
Sex Again

Sex is one of the toughest topics for anyone to discuss.

It Does a Body Good...

Whether you're a competitive athlete or just trying to fight couch potato syndrome, having a place to work out or stay active is essential.

Underwater Respite

Auto racing and scuba diving: two sports that seem entirely different from the other yet are solo activities that can't be done alone.

Exceeding the Standard

Face-to-face training challenges and prepares service officers for a difficult job.

Improving Life After SCI

The PVA Education Foundation awards eight new grants to help boost quality of life.

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Protecting VA

Proposed budget cuts could affect VA healthcare.

Wanted: Feedback

PVA Publications looks forward to receiving feedback about the redesigned PN website.

You Said It...

Readers’ letters discuss the oldest quad, service dogs, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) following injury, Mexico PVA, and environmental control units (ECUs).

Catheters and UTIs

Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (UTIs) are reportedly the most common hospital-acquired infections in U.S. hospitals today.

Managing Urinary Complications Caused by SCI

Common problems, tests for them, and possible treatments.

Around the House

Charles Schwab, Architect, AIA
Get “smart”: Universal design in kitchens includes appliances that rock, and energy and water-saving features. And the good thing is, the designs work for everyone.

The “Masculine Hormone”—and SCI (Part 1)

Testosterone—the “masculine” hormone—has benefits for women as well as men.

Veterans’ Employment Studied

Research study aims to improve the hiring and retention of veterans by businesses nationwide.

New Voc Rehab Office Opens

PVA opens a new vocational rehabilitation office.

Great Lakes Adventures

The Apostle Islands, in Lake Superior, offer something for everyone.

Roadside Help

ADA Nationwide Roadside Assistance provides 24-hour help for wheelchair travelers.

Pack Up

A new website is making it easier to find the lowdown about wheelchair-accessible travel around the world.

Improved Pension: A Beginner’s Guide

A "beginner’s guide" to Improved Pension benefit.

New Product Testing

The Braun Corporation completes safety testing of its wheelchair-accessible vans.

Pump Guide for Michigan is a free site listing Michigan gas stations that assist with fueling.

Van Changes

Phoenix van-conversion company redesigns the 2011 Honda Odyssey.

Modifying Trucks

Trucks are easy to modify for active people.

Breakthrough Therapy for SCI?

With epidural electrical stimulation of Rob Summers' lower spinal cord, he can direct movement of his hips, knees, ankles, and toes.

The Billiards Beat

Pool is the perfect sport for many people with disabilities.

Winter Games to Leave Legacy

The Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi has the opportunity to change Russian society forever.

Touch Aids Brain Machines

New research is helping improve brain-machine interfaces with the addition of touch.

What Happens in Vegas…

The National ADA Symposium offers a wealth of information for people with disabilities.

Products for Daily Living

Maddak, Inc.’s new catalog showcases a full line of home healthcare products.

Disaster Assistance

The Department of Veterans Affairs is providing special disaster assistance to many veterans with VA-guaranteed home loans.

Funds for Mission: ABLE

Generosity by race driver Richard Petty and Food City supermarkets supports PVA’s Mission: ABLE program.

Caregiver Training

Family caregivers begin training in VA program.

Ryals Rolls in Land of Lincoln

Ron Ryals wins the Open competition at the PVA Land of Lincoln bass tournament.

Power Chair Accessory

Empty your leg bag without assistance.

Accessible Doors & Windows

Kolbe offers a variety of universal design window and door products.

Weather Cover-up

Hands-free weather protection

Safety Bag

A personal bodyguard bag for people with disabilities.


Local, national, and international events and activities for people with disabilities.

Collision Course

Despite years of training and playing bit parts, most actors with disabilities remain invisible in Hollywood.

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