June 2011 Table of Contents


The Frame Game

When it comes to manual-wheelchair frame materials, the choice should rest with users and therapists.

The Jewel in the Crown

For 25 years, "miracles" have taken place on a mountainside, where veterans with disabilities can find a whole new world of possibilities.

AT Designers: The
Next Generation

How can programs encourage undergraduates to enter the assistive-technology field?

Change = Growth

An annual seminar in the nation's capital traditionally has raised awareness of issues and educated attendees about the challenges facing veterans and people with disabilities.

A Great Teacher

Gary Waldfogel is hands-on dad who is very involved in teaching his sons about life.

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Also in this issue:

VA Needs Help

PVA has represented veterans with catastrophic SCI/D, working to ensure their medical, economic, and social needs are met.

It’s My Opinion…

Some problems regarding VA's healthcare program for veterans with SCI need addressing, Andy Rooney style!

You Said It...

  • The contact information for Amateur Radio is corrected.
  • A reader's wife and a PVA national service officer provide strong advocacy.

Around the House

Charles Schwab, Architect, AIA
Stairlifts can help make your entire home accessible.

Congress Avoids Shutdown

As the federal government began distributing instructions to agencies on how to conduct a shutdown, a tentative agreement on funding was reached.

Final ADAAA Regs Published

Congress directed EEOC to revise its regulations to conform to changes made by the act.

Vocational Rehab

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity reviewed the performance of the VA Vocational Rehabilitation & Education program.


Approximately 1 million households that include nonelderly people with disabilities had worst-case needs.

Improving Employment Access

Employment of people with disabilities gets boost from President Obama's executive order.

Working Together for More Jobs

An alliance agreement to increase federal hiring of people with disabilities signed

Help for Getting Hired

The Springboard Employment Center is an electronic means for connecting qualified people with disabilities and employers who are looking for qualified candidates.

Employee Resource

Injured and disabled workers and their families can find resources, support, and guidance through the National Association of Injured & Disabled Workers.

Travel in Style

Folding travel wheelchairs suit a wide range of budgets and preferences.

VMI Launches New Lift in U.S.

Vantage Mobility International (VMI), a Phoenix-based manufacturer and distributor of wheelchairaccessible full-size and minivan conversions, has launched its Fiorella Platform Lift.

Freedom Provided

Since Mike Rodriguez received his Ford F150 pick­up truck outfitted with a wheelchair lift, hand controls, and power transfer device, he’s felt nothing but freedom.

Caregiver Connection

Suzanne Mintz
A Gallup survey shows that employers need to create programs for family caregivers as well as for noncaregivers.

Service to Veterans

How does the American Legion differ from the Paralyzed Veterans of America?

Mammography Inequities Reported

Why do women with physical disabilities have fewer clinical breast exams and mammograms than their able-bodied counterparts? And what is being done about it?

Progesterone: “Friend” of the Spinal Cord?

Is the hormone progesterone really a "friend" of the spinal cord?

VA Must Improve MST Screening

Nearly 40% of female veterans surveyed by The American Legion about VA healthcare were dissatisfied with the screening process for military sexual trauma (MST).

Bladder Cancer and SCI

Survivors of spinal-cord injury are at great risk for developing bladder cancer.

A Positive Influence

Some people believe that since Dad is a wheelchair user he can’t be an awesome father. However, I believe that because he is in a wheelchair he is an awesome father! He’s taught me some valuable things I may not have learned otherwise.

Can Select Reserve and National Guard Get VA Benefits?

Are reservists and National Guard members eligible for VA benefits?

The Gift of Accessibility

MobilityWorks gives a Dodge conversion van to bride-to-be Juliana Ramos.

Scholarships Available

The PVA Educational Scholarship Program is accepting applications for the 2011-2012 school year.

Help to Avoid Foreclosures

VA offers help avoiding foreclosures.

New Access Board Chair

Nancy Starnes is elected Access Board chair.

Outreach Campaign

The Department of Defense is searching for veterans eligible for disability retirement.

Emergency- Management Collaboration

FEMA and the National Disability Rights Network are collaborating on emergency management for people with disabilities.

Proposed Medical Scale

A medical scale has been designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

Technology Fosters Independence

Environmental control units (ECUs) enable people with limited mobility to control basic daily functions with touch, voice, eye, or other body movements.

Hank Torres

Hank Torres, who is quadriplegic, uses assistive technology to set a world record for fastest hands-free typing.

Glenn McIntyre

In August 1994, PN ran a story about California police officer Glenn McIntyre. The patrolman was 23 years old when, in 1985, a drunken driver hit him, breaking his back in 17 places, as well as his ribs, hip, and knee.

Kurt Landsberger

While starting and running one company might be more than enough for many people, and at 90 most of us are more apt to spend time relaxing and observing, Landsberger splits his time between Florida and New Jersey while he works three days a week at the two companies he founded.

“Fishing” for New Strategies to Improve Recovery

Certain people spontaneously recover some degree of movement and sensation after SCI.

Silver Dollar Shooting

Competition is tough at the Florida Gulf Coast PVA Harry Plymire Memorial Trapshoot.

IPC World Cup

Great Britain dominated the first International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Shooting World Cup event of the year in Szczecin, Poland, in March 2011, winning four out of seven events.

What’s the IPC?

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) is the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement.

Sooner Shootout

Mid-America PVA holds the "Sooner Shootout" Billiards Tournament.

Let Them Begin…

The London Paralympic Games will be an awe-inspiring and spectacular showcase of sport, according to IPC president.

Go on a Picnic

A universal-access picnic table will be good for wheelchair users

Coast-to-Coast Ride

Retired U.S. Marine Corps corporal is said to be the first quad to handcycle coast to coast.

Disney World: Access a Dream

The Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., is a good place for wheelchair users.

Ultimate Adventures

Wilderness Inquiry offers ultimate adventures for people with disabilities.

Capable Canines

K-9s for Veterans was created to provide dogs to disabled veterans, help the vets overcome their invisible disabilities, and inform the public of the need for service dogs.

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