May 2011 Table of Contents


When Caregivers Stress Out

Caregivers need care and attention as much as anyone else.

Accessible Faith

It takes more than removing architectural barriers. It's also a matter of changing attitudes.

The Connection

Have we lost respect for the significance of Memorial Day and Veterans Day?

Good Lighting Helps Everyone!

With careful planning, people with disabilities can better perform daily-living tasks and activities in well-lighted living environments.

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Also in this issue:

VA Expands Caregiver Support

VA is expanding support nationally to caregivers of veterans with Alzheimer’s disease.

Stretch Your Savings

More Ways to Help Stretch Your Savings

The Time Is Now!

About 12 years ago, VA promised 180 new beds for SCI long-term care and VA has not yet reached that number.

Not Just a Job

PVA's largest program is the Veterans Benefits Department. For VBD's staff, it's not just a job—it's a mission.

You Said It...

The story of the guy with the harp (George Flores) brings back memories, DAV distributes handicap-parking flyer, Invacare still makes titanium wheelchairs.

The Hard Truth

Wheelchair users must perform regular pressure reliefs or the result can be a serious medical problem.

Thought Provoking

Research projects will test if it's possible to control external devices with thoughts.

VMI Empowers Consumers

VMI releases safety information for its wheelchair-accessible vans.

Mobility-Scooter Etiquette

Driving a scooter is a two-way street.

Braun Prez Predicts Growth

Braun prez is optimistic about the mobility industry's growth.

Your Retirement Portfolio: Income

Figuring out an appropriate initial withdrawal rate is a key issue in retirement planning.

Protesting at Military Funerals

U.S. Supreme Court rules that the First Amendment protects protesters at funerals of deceased military servicemembers.

Mental-Health Services

Formulating a strategic plan for enhancing and improving collaboration and partnership between VA and DOD.

New Employment Initiative

Initiative—Add Us In—to identify and develop strategies to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities within the small-business community.

Networking Group

The Northwest Women Wheelers' Network (NWWWN) could be a model for women to begin similar groups in other areas of the United States.

VA Wheelchairs: How To Get Them

What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining wheelchairs from the VA?

Delta Violates Air Travel Rules

  • Escape into the past by discovering the covered bridges of Vermont.
  • Walking or wheeling will allow you to become a "covered-bridge hunter."
  • Delta Airlines is penalized $2 million for violating rules protecting air travelers with disabilities.
  • A new online booking tool helps travel agents booking cruises for people with special needs.
  • Rollx Vans collaborates to offer its rental vehicles at several airports around the U.S.
  • Passengers check out Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas.

Online Wheelchair-Booking Tool for Agents

Travel agents booking cruises can now easily, quickly, and safely reserve with Special Needs Group, Inc.’s new online booking tool.

Vans Roll Out at Select Airports

RollxVans available at rental agencies at certain airports around the U.S.

Cruise Ship Gets Rated

You cannot beat Royal Caribbean for accessibility.

Staying in Touch

We need to stay in touch with the people we care about, especially those with SCI.

From the Floor Up

Nurturing the temperature of your feet via in-floor radiant heating may comfortably manage your body heat.

New Regs for Service Animals

Since passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), many people have claimed their pets are service animals.

Taking a Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Farm offers therapeutic and recreational horseback-riding programs.

“Breaking” News on the Trap Trail

Arizona and Nevada PVA host the second and third events on the 15th PVA National Trapshoot circuit.

Billiards: PVA 9-Ball Classic

Virginia Mid-Atlantic PVA sponsors the 9-Ball Classic billiards tournament.

Women’s Sport Developing Much Faster

Women's sport is growing faster than men's and becoming more competitive, according to a Paralympic gold medalist.

Melbourne Marathon

The PVA Racing Team kicks off the season at the Melbourne Marathon.

Sailing Team Announced

US Sailing announces members of the new 2011 US Sailing Team AlphaGraphics.

PSA for Injured Vets

PVA launches new PSA, "Building Brighter Futures for Injured Veterans."

Universal Design

In today’s fast-paced world, much in­formation is generated about accessibility and the growing field of Universal Design.

Assistance Dogs

A Priceless Gift is a tribute to service-dog puppy raisers.

Managing Pain

A streaming video and written report on chronic pain are available from the University of Washington SCI Forum.

Accessible-vehicles Website

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) has launched a new educational website.

Transfer Aid

The EZRock is a state-of-the-art shifter that eases transfers between bed and chair.


Sporting events, expos, meetings, and conferences related to disability.

Water Therapy

The rentable Vertical Pool provides a convenient means for daily exercise privately at home.


The Surge is a lightweight, all-in-one oval handrim with a Gription™ strip.

And Finally...

There's more to loving America than turning our eyes to the flag at baseball games and waving flags at parades.

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