April 2011 Table of Contents


Yes, You Can Travel!

The world is opening its doors to people who use mobility devices or have difficulty walking.

Research Developments

What's the status of a cure for spinal-cord injury/disease? When will we see results?

Mechanical Lift Systems

From the patients' perspective, what issues must be considered?

Snowball Express

Hundreds of fallen servicemembers' families "climb aboard" for a fun-filled time of renewal.

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Also in this issue:

“Garden of the Gulf”

You’ll love Prince Edward Island!

Step Back into History

Despite accessibility concerns, travelers with disabilities can get a lot out of a visit to St. Augustine.

A New Summit

PVA's "Summit 2011 & Expo—Delivering Excellence, Achieving State-of-the-Art Health Care," will bring together leaders in the field of spinal-cord injury and disease (SCI/D).

Points of Pride

The PVA Research Foundation has awarded millions of dollars for research in applied and basic science.

You Said It...

Letters from readers sound off on PN's use of "an able-bodied wheelchair user" on the February cover; a confusing caption under a photo of a patient's bathroom; and VA's need to develop a listing of state and local benefits as well as federal ones.

Accentuate the Positive!

The simple act of gratitude, if practiced daily, can produce numerous positive health and emotional benefits. It's an important part of well-being, and psychology has lent it scientific credence.

Estrogen: Neuroprotection for SCI?

The hormone estrogen has broad therapeutic potential much beyond its more obvious roles, including as a possible protective agent after neurotrauma.

Hollywood’s First Look at Paraplegia

Sixty years ago, the movie The Men not only launched Marlon Brando's career but also introduced movie-goers to a new type of people: survivors of spinal-cord injury (paraplegia).

The Home Office, Designed for All

A home office is one of the most used rooms in a house. When it is a Universal Design room, it is beneficial to everyone.

All Things Facebook

Facebook allows people with disabilities to connect or reconnect with friends, family members, and fellow students as well as make new friends and even find love!

Using the Web

Career websites can help with your job search.

Project Ability

Manpower's Project Ability program, which places people with disabilities into high-demand jobs with employers nationwide, has expanded into the Boston market.

What Not To Do!

Interview blunders could be costing you a job. Here's what not to do.

Role Models

Disability Matters Awards represent businesses that are good role models for their initiatives in the disability.

Accessible Furniture and Medical Equipment

PVA encouraged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to issue regulations requiring accessible furniture and medical equipment.

Air-Travel Disability Forum

Department of Transportation's disability forum on the Air Carrier Access Act

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

Enacted in 2003, SCRA provides military members certain rights upon being activated for service or upon receiving notice of a permanent change of station.

FY 2012 Budget Includes Advance Appropriations

The co-authors of The Independent Budget are pleased the President’s proposed budget has given veterans an overall increase—even though it does not meet IB’s recommendations.

Necessity: Mother of Invention

James Sanders had trouble transferring independently. So, he went to his workshop and solved these problems.

Deer Hunt

Mike McLaughlin had good help during a deer hunt in Indiana.

Friendly Skies and Firearms

When traveling with a firearm, be sure to report any problems.

Sled Hockey

Check out sled hockey events.


New faces, new winners!

Cycling Events

National tour schedule for Soldier Ride announced.

Sports Programs Expanding

$7.5 million awarded to the U.S. Olympic Committee to enhance recreation and sporting activities for disabled veterans.

The A&A Benefit

Aid and Attendance" is a monetary benefit to help compensate veterans unable to care for themselves

VA Benefit Payments Going Paperless

By March 1, 2013, participants in all benefit plans—including Social Security, military retirement pay, and any other federal system—must choose an electronic option to receive their funds.

Enhanced Benefits for Caregivers

VA is launching new and enhanced services supporting family caregivers of seriously and injured veterans.

Medical Mart

Invacare Corporation joins the Medical Mart project.


Events and activities across the nation and around the world.

Mobile Kids

Kids with disabilities can have more independence to explore their environment.

Support Device

Helps users by providing support

Safety Light

High visibility in daylight and darkness

You Can Help Stop Medicare Waste, Fraud, and Abuse

Protect your personal information, and never provide your Medicare number to anyone but your healthcare providers.

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