February 2002 Table of Contents


From One Phase
to Another

Perimenopause: What is it? Does SCI impact women who have it?

Life: The Ultimate
Gift (Part 3)

When your kidneys are shutting down, what are your choices?

A Wheelie Queen
Is Born

Volunteer Janice Horton found a new "career" working with Summit Assistance Dogs.

An Educational Boost

A welcome helping hand for eligible college students.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase notes that while people with disabilities should not passively accept their lot in life, in some cases decreeing equality does more harm than good.

Sexuality & SCI:

How men can be better lovers.

Diagnosis: MS:

A few "bridges" that can help people feel more comfortable about approaching someone in a wheelchair.

Healing Options:

Could scalp acupuncture help you find relief from pain?

Computer Corner:

So you got a PC for Christmas. Now what?

Money Talks:

A new tax law increases your opportunities to save.

Travel Tips:

How to be prepared in case of a hotel fire, where to find travel information on the Internet, and who to contact to arrange an African adventure.

Mobility & More:

Wheelchair caster options, a roll-up ramp, and new technology that increases the performance and life span of wheelchair and scooter batteries.

On the Job:

Two men who have found confidence and fulfillment through the power of work.

Government Relations:

How will Social Security reform impact you?


How to find the right architect for your project.

Sports & Recreation:

A look at two Olympic torchbearers, some Bass Trail changes, and a golf forum.

News Beat:

Info on anxiety levels post-9/11, an assistive technology award, a guide to visiting private gardens, a group looking for parents with disabilities, a project to include people with disabilities in national and community service, a court ruling on prisoners' rights, three grants for women's studies, and a report on gender and disability.

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