March 2011 Table of Contents


The New Healthcare Law: Family-Caregiver Components

A whole new type of medical care lies ahead.

Telecommunting: Options and Promise

For people with spinal-cord injury and other disabilities, getting to a job is more work than for others.

Wheelchairs: Are We in The Dark Ages?

Some alarming changes took place in the wheelchair industry recently, and most wheelchair users may not even be aware of the impact these changes will have on their lives.

Postpolio Syndrome: The Second
Time Around (Part 2)

For many, the fear was over. We had beaten the odds. Some of us entered the world of "normal"—or so we thought.

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Also in this issue:

SCI/D Research: Moving Ahead, Step by Step

Paralyzed Veterans of America has been a major player in the field of spinal-cord research.

Something New

We’d like input about a new section in PN that will address federal action on items of interest to the disability community.

You Said It…

PN readers offer a rebuttal to “Wheelchair-using Whiners” and wonder why the magazine doesn’t address hemiplegia.

The Cutting Edge

Cutting-edge research took place in almost every field of multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2010.

Around the House

© Charles Schwab, AIA, CAPS, CGP
Universal Design can make gardening enjoyable for everyone.

Cutting-edge Technology for Minivans

Vantage Mobility International receives a patent for an innovative rear suspension on minivans.

PVA and Ford Are Partners

Partnership between Ford and PVA helps provide exclusive savings on eligible Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles.


A green, gas-saving version of the MV-1 six-passenger, factory-built, wheelchair-accessible vehicle is in the works.

Keeping It Healthy

Maintaining a good relationship between caregiver and care receiver takes time and work.

Businesses in Central NY

Start-Up NY helps budding entrepreneurs with diverse disabilities launch and grow successful ventures.

UAL Settles Discrimination Suit

United Airlines paid a group of disabled workers and changed its scheduling policy as part of a settlement alleging the company violated the American with Disabilities Act.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Employers need to know the facts about TBI and PTSD, plus support and education concerning how to assist returning vets with their transition.

Tool for Employment

A website is helping connect veterans and their families with employers.

VAVerifys Veteran Small Businesses

Veteran-owned businesses have to provide documentation to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to be listed in the VA’s online vendor database.

Handicapped Parking: What’s Next?

Access to handicapped parking spaces continues to present a number of issues.

Disclosing Information

How to get VA to share information with family members.

Sensory Overview

The latest research and technological advancements to help people with hearing and seeing disabilities was presented at the Science Symposium.

Individual Retirement Decisions

Not many investments provide tax-free growth, but the Roth IRA is one of them.

Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith has found a great balance between personal time, career and volunteering to help people with disabilities in developing countries.

28 Sports in 28 Minutes!

A new video introduces viewers to 28 adaptive sports in 28 minutes.

Adaptive Sports Advocate

Stan Clawson is one of the main forces behind the adaptive sports video Continue.

ADA Violations at Hilton Hotels

A 2010 agreement between Hilton hotels and the U.S. Department of Justice creates better accessibility for travelers with disabilities.

Accessibility for All?

A Florida woman is working to make sure everyone has access to beautiful beaches.

Air-Travel Complaints

Findings issued regarding airline disability complaints for 2009.

JetBlue Breaks Disability Rules

DOT hit JetBlue with a $600,000 fine.

Better OTRBs

Tour buses get millions in grans to equip their vehicles with wheelchair lifts.

Improved GI Bill

The Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Improvements Act of 2010 was signed into law by President Obama.

Housing Reform

Legislation designed to reinvigorate and modernize the Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities Program is signed into law.

New Opportunities

U.S. athletes are looking forward to the addition of paracanoe at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Martial Artist

Eric Ingram leaves his mark on the on the martial arts world by achieving blue-belt status in Gracie jiu-jitsu.

New Research Center

New research center in Rhode Island is dedication to rehabilitation research for veterans.

Reward for Service

Rings add extra meaning to the 30th National Wheelchair Veterans Games in Denver.

Hot Dog!

Patients and their families at the Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa got a visit from the famous Wienermobile.

Accessible Design Website

Technical requirements for new construction and alterations that follow the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design are available in one place.

The Key to Full Life

The book, Spinal Cord Injury and the Family, explains there is more to recovery from spinal-cord injury that regaining movement.

Music Video Highlights Women

A music video from woman around the world is helping to revolutionize the status of women and girls worldwide.


Events nationwide and elsewhere.

Observations on Self-Advocacy

It’s important to be an advocate for yourself in order to live a healthier, more independent life.

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