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Don't Wear Out Your Friendships

Is volunteer help really appropriate for all your needs? When is it safe to take advantage of a friend’s offered favor, and when is it wise to politely decline it while expressing your appreciation?

Distress-call Volunteer

Bill Sturridge might be paralyzed, but he's rescued many sailors.

Postpolio Syndrome: The Second Time Around (Part 1)

"It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up."
— Vince Lombardi, American football coach

Healthcare Advocacy Through Compassion

Ensuring proper delivery of SCI/D healthcare depends on trained professionals coming together as an interdisciplinary team.

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Security Checks

For airline travelers, TSA screenings have pros and cons.

Positive Outcomes

The new Congress is now in place and beginning to do business.

You Said It…

Readers comment on Veterans Day, PVA national service officer, accessible vehicles, the iBOT wheelchair, and VA’s Specially Adapted Housing program.

Healing Environments

A growing body of data illustrates the value of a healing environment on our lives

Mobility Travel Trailers

New series offers accessible features for people with mobility issues.

Sound Off About Accessible Vehicles

Conversion company invites consumer input.

A Better Idea?

Tips on increasing living space in a toy hauler trailer.

Puppy Power

Man’s best friend provides the power to move wheelchairs from behind.

Research Developments (Part 2)

Scientific presentations and posters cover every aspect of research to stop MS, restore function, and end the disease forever.

Around the House

© Charles Schwab, AIA, CAPS, CGP
Open plans works well for new universal-design (UD) homes. Various flooring surfaces define functional areas in such a plan. Furniture placement should allow wheelchair access.

Dating After SCI: Readers Respond

Should you just hang it up after an injury and forget about having another person in your life? Forget about having sex?

Health Smarts

© Julia Hollenbeck
How do people with cold intolerance cope?

Tap Your Troubles Away (Part 2)

This therapy may help anyone who has had a traumatic incident.

Loss, Trauma, and Human Resilience

Symposium focuses on the impact of trauma and loss in the healing and recovery process.

George Flores

This musician and harp technician wants to improve the healthcare system, his life and the lives of others.

Multiple Chairs for Sports

How vets can obtain more than one type of sports chair from VA.

Super-charging SCI Research

A new VA initiative aims to put researchers on the fast track toward promising therapies for spinal-cord injury (SCI).

Employment Campaign’s New Outreach Tools

Products help dispel negative stereotypes about disability and employment.

New Office Boosts Vets’ Career Opps

Voc Rehab office joins national network.

Identifying Workers with Disabilities

Database helps federal and private-sector employers find workers with disabilities.

The Siren Call of Your Alma Mater?

Which schools are helping alumni who now have disabilities?

South Dakota Pheasant Hunts: Great Harvests

Fall outings are a hit for hunters with disabilities.

Germany to Host VISTA Conference

Meeting provides platform for sport scientists and experts in sport for athletes with disabilities.

Recreation Inclusion

Conference attendees benefit from sessions covering inclusion topics relevant to parks and recreation.

Golden Age Vets Have Eyes on Hawaii

Senior veterans will compete in nation’s largest sporting event for their age bracket.

Accessible Vehicle Donated to PVA

Rampvan XT conversion will be based at headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Gift Guide

Resource offers selections for people who are paralyzed.

New Center for Paralysis

New Jersey facility offers advanced surgical treatments for paralysis.

paralysis, nerve transplantation, research, paralysis treatment

PVA Chapter supports military families.

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

PVA urges ratification of Convention of Rights.

That’s Entertainment!

Stadium-style movie theaters must revisit accessible seating areas.

Quicker Access to Medical Records

VA vows to reduce the time needed to obtain healthcare records from private citizens.

Universal Design

DVD set targets industry professionals

Health Benefits Handbook

Resource is tailored to individual veterans.

Humor and Caregiving

Quad’s caregiver tells how she copes.


Activities and events around the world.


Products and services you can use.

The Utopia That Once Was

What has happened to the wheelchair community of the old Guadalajara, Mexico?

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