November 2010 Table of Contents


A Matter of Honor

Veterans Day, November 11, is when we pause and salute the members of the U.S. Armed Forces, present and past. Many people pay their respects at national cemeteries. What do you know about these final resting places?

College Bound

You've decided to continue your education. How will you finance it? What should you look for on a campus? Plus, this year's PVA scholarship recipients.

What Do We Call 'Em?

The concept to move toward more positive language was more than an effort to be politically correct.

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Also in this issue:

Headstone Medallion

Medallions are for the veterans who died after 1990 and are buried in a private cemetery with a family headstone.

So, You Need College Financial Aid?

Apply for financial aid using a four-step plan.

Vets & Duty

Returning servicemembers face a bureaucracy bogged down with backlogs, staff shortages, and a lack of prudently spent dollars.

Give Thanks

Editor Hoover thanks those officers who served PVA over the last term.

Readers Respond

Subjects include "the quad belly," changing the name of the Department of the Navy, dual compensation, VA formulary question, and the Disability Navigator Program.

Vitamin D and You!

What are the benefits of this vitamin, and how can you be sure you have enough of it?

Women & Breast Cancer

Breast-cancer screening can save your life! You should ask these questions.

We Pump You Up!

In Tampa, Mike Aldred tackles the problem of attendant services at gas stations.

Accessible Rental Vans

Ride-Away offers van rentals at 11 locations.

Mobility Symposium

Find ways to accelerate the process so 20 years from now the world is significantly more accessible.

Pickup Truck Solutions

A mechanical engineer and a quadriplegic businessman figure out how to put a wheelchair into a truck or SUV.

Looking at America’s Financial Future

PVA is adamant continued growth in spending for the programs managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is imperative.

Family Vacations

Kristy Lacroix recommends cruises as the ultimate vacations for families that have a wheelchair user.

Costa Rica Has It All!

Costa Rica can be the ideal tropical paradise for your vacation.

Kristy Recommends...

The Tubby II Bath Chair

Around the House

Charles Schwab, AIA, CAPS, CGP
Architect Charles Schwab discusses the Specially Adapted Housing grant (SAH) and universal design (UD) regarding entries and building costs.

Year-end Tax Planning (Part 1)

To lower your tax-bite, it is wise to take certain steps now, as the end of the tax year approaches.

Co-payment Refunds & Priority Group Placements

New law also exempts CD veterans from prescription co-payments

Gender, Etiology, and Rehab

Does gender or etiology affect rehab outcomes in older adults with incomplete paraplegia?

Agent Orange Update

Three more diseases for which a veteran may be granted service-connected benefits on a presumptive basis for Agent Orange exposure.

R. Jack Powell

Jack Powell, former PVA executive director, dies in September.

New Sex Drugs

Researchers announced a new medication for men with erectile dysfunction.

Personal Health Records

VA's "Blue Button" allows veterans to download personal health information.

VAMC Update

The new facility will be on the same campus as the University of Colorado Hospital complex in Aurora, site of the former Fitzsimmons Army Medical Center.

Servicemembers’ Life Insurance Benefits

VA is ensuring benefits are delivered in a transparent way that clearly outlines all available options.

Polytrauma Center

The $52-million project will be done in three phases and is expected to be finished by early 2013.

Double-Duty Shopping

What if every gift you bought this holiday season also resulted in a donation to the charity of your choice?

Fit to a TEE

VA National TEE (Training, Exposure, Experience) Tournament partners Professional Golf Association instructors with disabled veterans to teach them golf techniques.

Rampless Bowling

A way for wheelchair users to bowl without special equipment

Sails Ho!

Interested sailors with disabilities are welcome to participate in this four-day training/racing program.

The Action Trackchair

The freedom to venture off the beaten path.

Billiards Beat

4th Annual Rocky Mountain Shootout

Know Your Rights

The booklet ADA: Know Your Rights—Returning Service Members with Disabilities.

Alternative Medicine

In the United States about four in ten adults use some form of complementary and alternative medicine.

Sensitizing Children

This book helps sensitize children to issues faced by military families.

MS Resource

New shopping and networking resource for people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Fitness Video

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, but it is especially important for people with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Success Story

A refusal to accept the status quo led to triumph in business—and in life.


The Wyng bath system combines toilet and shower seat.

Transfer Aid

Slip-On Gait Belt Handle slides over a gait belt.

Accessible Shower Bases

Bases have a flush, integrated trench drain and cover that is level with the floor.

Attachment System

The Mount’n Mover™ is designed to accommodate a wide range of attachment needs.

PVA Service Office Roster

Looking Ahead

Coming events from November 4, 2010, through March 4, 2015.

The Story of

"Old Glory," from its beginnings to today's regs on proper flag etiquette.

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