October 2010 Table of Contents


Airline Follies

When it comes to feedback from PN readers, the subject of airline travel makes people's blood boil!

Rehab the Positive Way

The Games were created to provide opportunities for newly disabled veterans to gain sports skills and be exposed to other wheelchair athletes.

When Your Instincts Speak...

Are the medical recommendations you're getting "junk" or "treasure" when it comes to your health?

Family Caregivers: Reach Out!

National Family Caregivers Month 2010 (November) celebrates current achievements and future advances.

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Bama Brawl

When the Regs Are Violated

It’s not that the regulations don’t go far enough, but that carriers continue to violate the regulations.

A Sisterhood of Courage

Female athletes shine at this year’s National Veterans Wheelchair Games.


Trying to enforce ADA, ACAA, and rail regulations is an enormous job. Our staff cannot do this by themselves.

Up in the Air?

Without question, air travel has advanced since 30 years ago. However, air carriers, for the most part, have been dragged kicking and screaming into agreeing to transport people with disabilities.

Readers Respond

Gas station/parking abuse, wheelchair placards, handicap parking, body language, and suggestions for financial support.

A Universal Design Retirement Home

Plans in a plan book are a good starting place. Revisions are often required and encouraged to make a stock home plan fit a lot, conform to local codes or neighborhood and personal home styles, and offer the best accessibility.

A New Era of MS Therapies?

Russia's approval of Merck Serono's Novectro (oral cladribine) is a landmark in the treatment for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

Honda & Toyota Vans Now in U.S. Market

Two new vehicles provide the disability community with access to two of the most popular minivans currently on the market.

Platform Lift for Vans

New platform lift now available

Guidelines for Buses and Vans

Public comments on proposed guidelines needed.

Innovative Manual Chair

India will test an all-terrain wheelchair designed specifically for use in developing countries.

Diabetes & SCI

Research suggests a connection between diabetes and long-term spinal-cord injury.

The Suit and “Spider Therapy”

Spider Therapy is a technique which allows patients with motor disorders more freedom of movement than traditional physical therapy does, aligning the body correctly, and giving significant input into the central nervous system.

Gulf War Illness Research

New research focuses on treatments for Gulf War Veterans.

Alzheimer’s Risk Studied

Two studies yield key insights on Alzheimer’s risk gene called TOMM40.

Prosthetics Technology

Demonstration of FES technology is used at Expo to maneuver a prosthetic arm.

Windows 7 and Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition Software is not all created equal. The software and the microphone make a difference.

Veterans in the Civilian Work Force

PVA submitted testimony at a hearing which was examining programs to assist veterans with military-trained skills transition to the civilian work force.

Educational Materials for Employers

A new website designed to help returning service members with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) succeed on the job.

Federal Government Employment

The federal government is improving their efforts to employ workers with disabilities.

Oxygen Device Approved for Airline Travel

Here's an option to meet oxygen needs while traveling.

Explore Northern Europe

12-night cruise was an opportunity for people to enjoy the beauty of this region.

Appropriations Bills

Work begins on the FY 2011 Military Construction and Veterans’ Affairs (VA) appropriations bills.

Specialized Services for OEF/OIF Vets

Ensuring these men and women gain quick access to VA care in SCI centers is critically important.

VA Claims Processing

The number of new claims for disability compensation has risen to more than 1 million per year.

Economic Opportunity Legislation

Two changes that would address some PVA concerns are in Sections 19 and 21.

Transportation Initiative

VA hopes to better serve veterans who are visually impaired, elderly, or immobilized and those living in rural and highly rural areas.

Living Independently

The Money Follows the Person

Accessible Medical Care

New accessibility standards to be developed for medical diagnostic equipment.

Restoring Bladder and Bowel Function

The driving force behind the development of these function-restoring procedures has been Dr. Chuan-Guo Xiao.

Changes for PTSD Claims

New rules concerning PTSD.

SCI Reference

Expert contributors from multiple disciplines cover many topics.

Treating MS

The fascinating tale of the development and rise to prominence of the drug Copaxone, one of the first agents to significantly impact the course of multiple sclerosis.

Blog for Kids

An interactive blog is designed for kids with special needs, teachers, parents, caregivers, and pediatric clinicians.

Bladder Management

A new resource to help cope with—and improve the quality of life.

Sailing: Challenge Cup

Conditions tested the skills of the 36 competitors.

All in a Row-ing

A day-long clinic to introduce people with disabilities to the sport of rowing.


Highlights of the Illinois, Wisconsin, and Washington shoots.

The 8-Ball Beat

Thirteen players showed up to see if they could put an end to the title run of reigning champion Charlie Hans.

Junior Athletes in Action

The Games were charged by the passion and energy of the young athletes, coaches, fans, and countless volunteers.

Teen Takes Air-Gun Title

Kyle Otto proves practice does make perfect.

Power Hockey

PowerHockey is a fast-paced, skilled sport for people who use power wheelchairs.

Hot Time at the Capital Clash

The mercury hit triple digits, but the fishing was even hotter.

VA Updates

Suicide prevention, Agent Orange Claims and $1.8 billiom for Care & Services top this update from the VA

Caregiver Stories

Stories from or about caregivers requested for Caregiver Hall of Honor.

Medicare Fraud

21 months in prison and $807,781 in restitution result in $3-million power-wheelchair fraud scheme.

Adaptive-Clothing Source

High style and high performance garments.

Looking Ahead

A variety of events are taking place in disability communities all over the country. New entries in this issue.

Advocacy: My Story

How and why do you become an advocate?

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