September 2010 Table of Contents


Talent Has NO Boundaries

Workers with disabilities represent a diverse and vibrant talent pool for hire.

Waste Management: A Balancing Act

The human body has a remarkable system for eliminating waste products. Good control after a spinal-cord injury is possible—with the right planning and techniques.

VA Healthcare Enrollment:
How to Avoid the Pitfalls

VA healthcare can be confusing; it’s important to understand the basic eligibility information for different types of care throughout the system.

Investing in the Next Generation of Architects: A Wise Move

As new architects enter the work force every year, they must be armed with more than code manuals.

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Also in this issue:

Innovative Voc Rehab

PVA’s Vocational Rehabilitation Program empowers people with disabilities.

Employment Info at

Many resources are available to help people with disabilities find employment.

Managing a Career: Building a Resume

Building a career may mean stringing together a body of work through several jobs.

Employment Assist

The Workforce Investment Acts directs funds and resources to improve work-force services for people with disabilities.

Yes, We Can!

PVA has been involved in many significant areas, such as Mission: ABLE, the Vocational Rehab Center in Long Beach, and passing of the Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act.

Military Matters

The United States Marine Corps has a long and distinguished history in the development of our nation as the world’s leader and major power. But who’s best qualified: Marines or Navy?

Readers Respond

Disability Program Navigators can assist with employment, Bottoms-Up Bar feedback, Web site of tools and ideas to help people with disabilities, "open" beds in hotels/motels, fashion shopping tool.

Are Second Opinions Necessary?

Second opinions are important for many reasons.

Vets’ Online Health Records

My HealtheVet provides the tools vets need to manage their own care in partnership with their VA healthcare teams.

Home Away From Home (Part 3)

VA benefits can follow people into the private sector, but it can be challenging finding the right nursing care/rehab facility.

ALS & Head Injury: Linked?

Prior head injury may double the risk for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease).

How About a Toy Hauler?

A “Toy Hauler,” a type of recreation vehicle, may be a good option for travelers with disabilities.

Stair-climbing Manual Chair

Wheelchair allows users to ascend and descend stairs or other obstacles

From the Ground Up

The MV-1, or first Mobility Vehicle, is not a converted van but the first factory-built wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

No Action on Appropriations

Congress fails to fund VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration and Research and Construction.

Priority Group 4 Co-Payments

The Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act prohibits VA from collecting co-payments for Priority Group 4 veterans.

Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs

PVA supports legislation that includes disability assistance memorial affairs.

Rural Healthcare

Providing healthcare to veterans who live in rural areas continues to be an area of importance for VA.

ADA and Olmstead Anniversaries

Anniversaries observed of legislation prohibiting unlawful discrimination.

Haddad v. Arnold

Court decision says failure to provide community-based Medicaid services where appropriate constitutes discrimination under ADA.

Putting Your Affairs in Order

With a little planning, following your death you can ensure your estate will be settled consistent with your wishes.

Electrical Stimulation

Facility releases latest information from two studies looking at electrical stimulation to promote central nervous system repair.

New Healthcare Web Site

New website helps consumers, practitioners, and businesses understand the new healthcare reform law.

Diagnosing Heart Attacks

A new tool to detect heart attacks using a person’s saliva is being tested.

Not “Your Father’s” VA Any More!

It’s time to honor women veterans for their service and dedication to our country.

Revelstoke, Canada (Part 2)

Revelstoke, BC, Canada, offers many opportunities for visitors such as the Railway Museum, Forestry Museum, and Dam Visitors Centre.

South Padre Island

A fleet of sand-and-surf-friendly wheelchairs is offering a new level of freedom and independence for wheelchair-using visitors to South Padre Island, Tex.

Country Style!

Extensive updating to the Fontanel Mansion in Nashville has brought it up to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

Access to Boats and Ships

A new federal rule specifically provides ADA protection to people with disabilities who travel on boats and ships.

Purple Heart Vacations

Vacations for Veterans offers cabins, timeshares, beachfront condos, and other accommodations donated by their owners for use by veterans who received a Purple Heart while serving in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Dennis Hendrickson

Staff Sergeant Jason Hendrickson received a Purple Heart for injuries sustained in a rocket-propelled grenade attack while he was serving in Iraq.

Judith Heumann

Judith Heumann has joined the U.S. Department of State as special advisor for International Disability Rights.

Work History and SSDI

Work history plays an important part in your application for Social Security disability benefits.

Bassin’ in Texas

Fishing the Lone Star PVA Bass Tournament was tough due to a weather system that went through earlier in the week.

Walleye Event

Walleye fishing tournament draws 35 anglers with disabilities.

Shooting Clinic

During an adaptive shooting clinic, participants learned the basics of air-rifle safety, then shot from prone, standing, and kneeling positions.

Another Way to Drive

Lift-equipped horse-drawn carriages are making a difference in the lives of many people with disabilities.

GI Bill Continues to Aid

Department of Veterans Affairs has issued more than $3.6 billion in the GI Bill’s newest manifestation, the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

Help for PTSD Veterans

VA has taken a step forward in providing an easier process for veterans seeking healthcare and disability compensation for posttraumatic stress disorder.

Rehab Network

Courage Center’s Activity Based Locomotor Exercise (ABLE) program has been named one of five community-based fitness and wellness facilities of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s NeuroRecovery Network (NRN).

The Dogs’ Eyes Have It!

Active service dogs receive free eye exams.

Online Claims System

VA plans to develop a fully automated online system for handling veterans’ disability compensation claims.

When Miracles Don’t Happen

After an accident left Joni Eareckson Tada quadriplegic, she has faced many hardships throughout her life.

Making Choices

This resource is for families, professional caregivers, and medical professionals and will empower readers to make tough decisions when negotiating the healthcare process.

Realize Your Potential

After his injury, Francesco Clark signed up for cutting-edge and innovative rehab programs and started a successful business.

Pool Access

The Stevens Pool Ladder is said to allow safe entry/exit for all pools.

Leg-Lifting Aid

Leg Loop™ Leg Lift reportedly helps people safely reposition their legs and feet.

Invisible Shampoo

Dry shampoo without the residue

My Evening with “The King of NASCAR”

Twenty-six go-kart teams of NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers, sponsors, and others involved in the racing community came to the 2nd King’s Cup–Karting for a Cause to support PVA.

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