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The Restoration Puzzle

It may be difficult to pronounce, but neurorestoratology is an emerging subdiscipline that emphasizes regeneration or repair of the damaged nervous system. IANR's mission is to pull together the pieces of research from around the world.

Focus on Easier Living

The PVA Education Foundation awards latest grants for quality-of-life tools in the area of spinal-cord injury and disease.

Life After "I Do"

Lift Network in Florida, want counseling programs to include how disabilities affect couples and families.

This Was a Blast!

Veterans find friendship and healing are worth more than gold at the National Veterans Golden Age Games.

Combat Care

Top civilian and military experts in amputee care and rehabilitation met in San Antonio in April 2010 to discuss care, support and research for amputee combat veterans.

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Craig Hospital’s Nurse Advice Line

Expert nursing education and resources about spinal-cord and traumatic-brain injuries are just a phone call away!

Award Winner

Care of the Combat Amputee receives the first-place award

Working Together

Although PVA commits many resources to monitoring VA healthcare, it needs help to identify problems.

Bavarian Christmas Markets

Adorned with decorations and festively lit, the pedestrian precincts and shopping centers in Bavaria at Christmas offer everything your heart could desire.


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has announced a long-needed way to recognize those deceased individuals who have served our nation.

Readers Respond

Traveling with children when you have a disability, VA formulary problems, PN cover.

Revelstoke, Canada (Part 1)

Revelstoke, British Columbia is a small alpine town deep in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains of western Canada and is a great place to spend a relaxing summer.

Winter Sports Clinic Research

Human Engineering Research Laboratories gather data to help develop accessibility guidelines for wheelchair users.

Parkinson's Disease

Deep-brain stimulation may help people with Parkinson’s disease.

Decades of Achievement

Researchers and study participants honored during VA Research Week 2010.

MS Around the World

More than 200 events in 62 countries helped mark World MS Day 2010.

About Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of the central nervous system that interrupts the flow of information between the brain and body

Sex and the Single Guy

Even with all the advantages of Internet dating, meeting a potential partner and establishing an intimate relationship requires a certain degree of confidence and courage.

Warrior Games

Former Paralympic athletes who are military veterans were brought in to help coach the Warrior Game athletes and search for new potential talent for U.S. teams.

Your Healthy Home!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that levels of indoor air pollution are conservatively often three to eight times higher (and often substantially more) than outside air.

VA Healthcare & Benefits

PVA comments on legislation to improve Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) procedures, reduce risks to veterans seeking care at VA medical facilities, and provide increased benefits for veterans and their families.

Military Sexual Trauma Issues

House subcommittee looks at ways to help veterans impacted by military sexual trauma uncover better ways of treatment.

Employment for Veterans

House subcommittee looks into Paralyzed Veterans of America employment program.

Addressing PTSD

People with spinal-cord injury (SCI) are at a great risk of developing posttraumatic stress disorder because of the severity and the all-encompassing aspects of their injury and disability.

Trapshooting Update

The 14th PVA National Trapshoot Circuit made stops in Odessa, Fla., Sedgwick, Kan., and Baltimore from March to June in 2010.


The best teams in the country met in Denver for the 2010 National Wheelchair Basketball Association championships.

Those Bitin’ Bass!

The best anglers put their skills to the test at the Southeastern Challenge and Land of Lincoln PVA Bass Tournaments in 2010.

3-Man Bass Tournament

The Salute to American Veterans 3-Man Bass Tournament made a stop at Congamond Lakes.

Prescription Co-Payments

If you’re a veteran experiencing difficulty making VA medical co-payments, you can apply for a hardship exemption.

Homemaker/Home Health Aide

H/HHA covers personal care and related support services that enable frail or disabled veterans to live at home.

Finding a Home Away from Home

Coming to the decision that more care is needed than can be provided in the home, finding a facility, and figuring out how to pay for it is overwhelming.

Vets and Federal Employment

The nation’s leaders must make a concerted effort to ensure vets have access to education, training opportunities, and employment to ensure success in an unfavorable civilian job market.

Wining for Mobility

A charitable program from a California winery donates a wheelchair to those in need for every bottle of wine it sells.

Excellent Care

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) has designated Inglis Foundation (Philadelphia) a Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Long-term Care.

ALS Walk

The ALS Association–Alabama Chapter, held its fourth annual Walk to Defeat ALS™

Sacrifices Honored

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) continued its annual Memorial Day tradition of hosting services at most of its national cemeteries and many other facilities nationwide in 2010.

Awesome Artists

A festival in Washington, D.C., showcased photographic, dancing, signing, and instrumental talents from some of the most accomplished artists with disabilities in the world.

Wanted: Best Ideas

VA programs seeks the best ideas from many different groups to provide better services for its members.

Body-Language Therapist Wanted

How do you handle body language when you're in a wheelchair? I need a body-language therapist!

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