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The debate continues: Has the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) really helped?

Setting the Course

These candidates for PVA national office want to provide direction as the organization tackles another year of issues for veterans...and the entire disability community.

A City With Vision

From history buffs to PVA convention-goers, visitors to Providence, R.I., find the spirit that spawned the city is still alive.

Going a Mile High

Denver has something for everyone: outdoor activities, indoor shopping, nearby skiing, multitudes of sports action, and much more. Now, it adds to that list by hosting the National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

Has Access Really Improved?

Civic access is a basic civil right, and the doors to government programs, services, and activities must be open for individuals with disabilities.

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Back In Society's Mainstream

PVA has launched a new initiative, Mission: ABLE, which addresses three issues—care, benefits, and employment.

Leading and Following

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it ~ George Santayana

Readers Respond

Gas pumping and handicap-parking are widely abused. The new Minneapolis VAMC is a great facility.

Not for Sissies!

Respiratory disorders are the leading cause of death in people with spinal-cord injury (SCI).

Be Fashion-able

Women who use wheelchairs for mobility can get the clothes they need and like. A Web site offers tips.

Play it Again, John

Piano man Johnny Caldwell has always wanted a player piano.

Travel with Experience

Flying Wheels Travel celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Call a Cab

Need a ride? One Arlington, VA., cab company is ready to safely transport you around town.

Outdoor Adventures

Wilderness Inquiry's trips appeal to people of all ages and abilities.

Thai Facility

New accessible resort in Thailand

Rebuilding Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti caused such widespread destruction that it will take years to rebuild. But that rebuilding needs to include principles of universal design so the community is friendlier to people with disabilities.

What's the Right Ultralight?

How to choose an ultra-lightweight wheelchair that fits your body, living environment, and lifestyle.

Mobility Blog

This blog provides insightful articles, stories, and news briefs about wheelchair vans, adaptive equipment, and other topics that pertain to the vehicle-modification industry.

Florida News

Tampa parking facility adds accessible spaces.

Celebrating Research

Yale University and PVA recently celebrated more than two decades of the Yale Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration.

Hiring Event

The goal was to increase the number of people with disabilities, including veterans, in federal government jobs.

Nursing Opportunities

The Department of Veterans Affairs(VA is establishing new partnerships with five of the country’s finest nursing schools in order to strengthen its nurse corps.

Caregiver Resources at Home

What happens when caregivers become ill or burned out? Who takes over then?

Windows 7 and Accessibility

All about Windows 7's accessibility, from the perspective of a C5-6 quadriplegic.

Law Addresses Caregiver Issues and More

Foremost of concerns it addresses are the caregiver issues faced by the newest generation of severely injured servicemembers.

Health Mechanics

A grant from the PVA Education Foundation helped Dr. Meade develop Health Mechanics—self-management programs specifically for people with spinal-cord injury(SCI).

Fail to Plan - or Plan to Spend?

People with health issues or disabilities quickly learn that healthcare costs will be a major part of their budgets. Ideas on how to get control of your spending and your budget.

Krystal Monteros

Krystal Monteros now wearing the crown.

Judith Heumann

Ms. Heumann will receive the 2010 Medtronic National Courage Award Courage Center.

Individual Unemployability

What is "individual unemployability," and what criteria does the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) use to grant service-connected IU compensation?

A Fine Bite

Highlights of the 24th Annual U.S. Open Bass tournament, in Tavares, Fla.

2010 Tour Dates

The PVA Bass Tour consists of six two-day tournaments, which are held at various locations around the country.

Heroes Become Legends

2011 National Veterans Wheelchair Games needs volunteers.

Shooting for the Paralympics

Shooting is a skill, like any other, that can be learned and perfected. But elite-level athletes have to have a fire in their belly that keeps them going when things get rough.

Bowling Results

Three recent tournaments gave bowlers the opportunity to “strike” it rich in Florida and Virginia.

Southeastern Shoot

Twenty-five shooters participated

9-Ball Classic

Seventeen players paid the tournament entry fee for the chance to compete for a prize pool of $4,000.

Fighting Back

Rise and Shine is the dramatic story of Simon Lewis and his recovery from a terrible car accident.

Living with SCI

Monthly SCI Forum video presentations

Benefits Guide

This is the all-in-one place to learn about the benefits to which you or a family member might be entitled.

A Bright One

Brian Johnston likes to share ideas that promote independence, and does so by producing the IDEA (Innovator of Disability Equipment and Adaptations, Inc.) catalog.

Transition to Adulthood

“Growing into Adulthood with a Spinal Cord Injury” is available for viewing as streaming video.

A Healing Power

Video that offers step-by-step guidance in safe and simple techniques of touch and massage.

Safety Flag

The Safety Flag for most manual or power wheelchairs.

Shoelace Fastener

Do you have strength, dexterity, or flexibility limitations?

And Finally...

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This is a good legislative year for family caregivers, and it's only half over. Passage of the Caregiver and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2009 provides benefits for family caregivers of wounded warriors. However, the newly passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has provisions that are beneficial to caregiving families whose members receive care outside the VA system.

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