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Water Ways

When summer's temperatures soar, it's great to head to the nearest beach or lake for a cool down.

Agent Orange: What Veterans Should Know

Now that VA has expanded the list of associated illnesses, over the next two years thousands of veterans will file claims involving Agent Orange exposure.

Abused Women with Disabilities

The emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of women with disabilities is a problem of crisis proportions.

Mountain of Youth

The National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic offers a heap of rejuvenation as participants trade their spokes for skis.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

The PVA president discusses the problems of airline travel for people with disabilities and urges individuals who have complaints to share them with PVA staff.

A Medication Education

“America’s healthcare system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.” – Walter Cronkite

Readers Respond

Room rentals, pen pals, state's wrongs.

Family Caregivers May Need a Village

Family caregivers need to reach out for help, because caregiving is more than a one-person job. The author relates the story about how she handled her husband’s medical crisis while she was hundreds of miles away on a business trip.

The Barrier-Free Kitchen

Kitchens are the most used room in the house and often have the most barriers to independence.

The Oasis of the Seas: A Review

Take a tour of the world's largest floating city, Oasis of the Seas.

Wilderness Adventures: Is Sea Kayaking your Passion?

See the African Wildlife with Wilderness Adventures

Building an International Resource

Ashley Olson has traveled the world from the seat of her wheelchair. Now she's sharing her adventures with you.

Reaching Out

Paralyzed Veterans of America national service officers (NSOs) reach out to the spinal-cord injury/disease population through an effective program set up by each service office.

The Abilities in You

The Los Angeles Abilities Expo, at the LA Convention Center, was a banquet of resources, events, and people.

A Doctor in the House

Paralyzed by a medical condition, John Lin decided to practice medicine. He is now medical director of post-acute services at Shepherd Center in Atlanta.

Here's What You Can Do

The Campaign for Disability Employment

Olfactory-Tissue Transplantation Study

This article is an update that summarizes results of a recently published scientific study assessing the improvements generated from using olfactory-tissue transplantation in people with spinal-cord injury (SCI).

Healthcare and Appropriations for VA

Health-reform legislation and appropriations for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are explained by PVA Government Relations staff.

Up in Smoke?

“Smoking’s Effects on Secondary Complications of spinal cord Injury,” explains how smoking makes it much more difficult to prevent secondary conditions in those with SCI's.

Healthy Bones

Most men and women with spinal-cord injury (SCI) will lose some bone density after injury—close to 30% in the first year.

The Winter Games

Six hundred elite athletes representing 44 countries competed in the 10th Winter Paralympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. The U.S. sled hockey team won the gold medal.

A Week of Shooting

Cal-Diego PVA Chapter hosted a variety of shooting events.

To Wed – or Not to Wed

The tightening of the belt in federal and state budgets is causing people to make tough decisions about saying "I do."

If It Sounds to Good

Information about mortgage-rescue fraud from the Office of Security and Law Enforcement.

Dealing With Disability Claims

Social Security opens its first Extended Service Team.

Sports Chair and Transfer Aid

Products for better wheelchair living.

Healthcare & Caregiving

Health Care-Are You Ready? A Handbook for Care Givers

Creativity Awareness

Disabled Bodies - Able Minds

Dedication and Determination


Empowering Lives

The Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) is dedicated to veterans service, medical research, and civil rights for people with disabilities.

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