May 2010 Table of Contents


More Than Just Games

The men and women who tackle the challenges of sports activities impact AT and rehabilitation research.

Sharpening the Tools

Learning about the issues and challenges facing not only veterans but all people with disabilities helps PVA chapters carry out the agenda in their own communities.

Intimate Relationships

Life doesn't end after spinal-cord injury, and neither does a satisfying sexual life for men. Numerous treatments are available for SCI-related ED—but how effective are they?

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Let’s Show Some Respect

The traditional observance has diminished, and many Americans have forgotten the meaning and traditions of Memorial Day.

Up in the Air?

PVA’s Mid Winter Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting in February, the issue of air travel again became a topic of discussion.

Readers Respond

Letters praise PN, discuss pumping gas in Oregon vs. elsewhere, and express appreciation for an article about cathing.

High-Quality Healthcare for Women Veterans

One-Stop Shop Healthcare for Women Veterans

Web Resource

Professional model looking for answers to simple questions regarding everyday issues for women in wheelchairs.

Mobile Medical Records

All your medical records in the palm of your hand.

Visiting Your Doctor

Being more proactive about your health starts in the doctor's office so speak up.

One-stop Clothing?

Dignity. Independence. Style. Specialty clothing for the disabled community.

Hot Topic: Assistive Technology

A symposium, showcasing talks by leaders in the field regarding the application of the latest strategies in treatment, rehabilitation, community reintegration, and full participation of people with disabilities.

Mobility Option: Powered Exoskeleton

The ReWalk™ Exoskeletal Powered Walking System is nearing the end of clinical trials in the U.S. By the end of 2010, people who are paraplegic and others with paralysis may have a new solution to facing the world eye to eye: standing!

Scooter in a Bug

With donations from a Rotary Club and People-in-Need grants, I purchased a Pride Go-Go scooter. Although it can be separated into three parts, I was not strong enough to lift each one into the car trunk. I needed a system that would let the scooter remain fully assembled and be lifted in and out of the car with little help on my part.

New Look for NMEDA

At its 19th Annual Conference, held February 10–12 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, Nev., the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) unveiled a new logo.

Access the Benefits You Have Earned

What benefits are available to veterans? In addition to PVA National Service Offices, how and where can you get them? One good resource is the National Association of County Veteran Service officers (NACVSO).

Barrier-Free Bathrooms

It is important to design and build a bathroom to reflect the precise needs and preferences of users with disabilities.

Research Infrastructure Shortfalls

House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Subcommittee on Health


Senior PVA national service officer addresses some veteran questions about post-traumatic stress disorder.

Access on Land Tours

Ports of call Tour companies are willing to accommodate people with disabilities.

Accessible Cabs Roam D.C.

At last, Washington, D.C., has some accessible taxicabs on its streets!

Paddle Montana

Experience Montana’s “Big Sky” country paddling the Missouri River

Offshore Fishing: Rec and Rehab

Service members from Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Fort Belvoir’s Warrior Transition Unit were treated to a week of relaxation and offshore fishing.

Forge New Paths

Chad Waligura wanted to rejoin the hunt but found limited resources for spinal-cord injured individuals. His cure? Create Follow Me Outdoors (FMO).

Sooner Shootout

The fourth season of the PVA/NWPA National Wheelchair Billiards Series began with the Mid-America PVA Sooner Shootout.

Adapted Sports

Helen Hayes Hospital Adapted Sports & Recreation program

Roth or Traditional?

Should you have Roth IRA or contribute to a traditional IRA? Which is best for people with disabilities? What exceptions might apply?

The Hearings Must Go On

VA Board of Veterans’ Appeals (BVA, the Board) hears more than 65 hearings despite government shut-down.

Looking at the Future

Annual PVA Accessible City Awards bring a host of clever ideas from young minds.

International Opportunities

In May 2000, a computer worm nicknamed “the Love Bug” arrived in the e-mail boxes of tens of millions of computer users.

Resource Directory

The Department of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Affairs (VA), has launched a new and improved National Resource Directory Web site.

Off-road Power Chair

Imagine the monster truck of wheelchairs.

Door Opener

A touch-free door-opening system designed to reduce the spread of germs

Put “Memorial” Back

It's just a long weekend to many people, but Memorial Day should be a time of remembrance.

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