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Acupuncture & SCI

Can one of mankind's oldest therapies tilt the balance toward function rather than paralysis?

Laid-back Recreation

Following injury, some people go right back to ski racing, rock climbing, and other close-to-the-edge activities. But you don't need to risk life and limb to have an adventure. Recreation is basically some type of diversion—or, more simply put, play.

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Tulip Time in Holland

Springtime in the Netherlands is an extremely colorful and fantastically beautiful time of year to visit.

“Accessible” Cruises?

A travel writers says that not all cruise ships are in compliance with the American With Disabilities Act.

Accessible Ecuador

Seeing the line marking the equator and giant tortoises are part of an incredible trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.

Three Days in Yellowstone

The natural wonders and wildlife found in Yellowstone National Park are things nobody ever seems to see enough.

California, Here We Come!

Amazing national parks, stunning coastline, incredible cities and beautiful buildings help make a trip through California something special.

Riding the Rails: An Arizona Treasure

A trip aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad in Arizona provides an amazing view of nature and step back into the state’s past.

Smooth Cruise

Wheelchair users found Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas to be a fun and accessible cruise ship.

Noteworthy Contributions

PVA Awareness Week (PAW) takes place April 12-16. This initiative is a way to spread the word about PVA's good works and to let veterans know about the services available to them through this organization. Another important event this month is PVA's annual contribution to the Yale Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research. Over the course of its partnership with this facility, PVA has donated more than $100 million for spinal-cord research.

What’s New?

The new Web site of SPORTS 'N SPOKES,PN's sister publication, debuted in January.

Readers Respond

  • Healthcare-reform coverage
  • Tips for mowing lawns
  • Virtual Vietnam Wall

Let the Games Begin!

It was summer 1990. My paraplegic husband and I had recently married and were honeymooning at the tenth National Veterans Wheelchair Games, in New Orleans.

Jimmie Heuga

Jimmie Heuga, an Olympic medalist skier and multiple sclerosis advocate, passed away February 7 in Colorado.

Edward Mays

Mid-Atlantic Paralyzed Veterans of America member wins Pathfinder 2009 Award.

25 Years—and Optimism

On January 7, The ALS Association marked its twenty-fifth anniversary as an organization and as a leader in the fight against ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

Breathing Alone

A diaphragm pacemaker allows Edward Silcox, who is paralyzed from the neck down, to breathe without using a respirator.

Collaboration on MS Drug

Researchers Work to develop new treatments for two autoimmune diseases: multiple sclerosis (MS) and type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Accessible, Energy-Smart Homes

New homes can be built and existing ones modified in ways that will help those of us with disabilities achieve maximum independence. An accessible, energy-smart home helps maximize successful independent living for all its occupants.

Trip Honors WWII Vets

V-E trip planned for WWII vets.

Accessible Asheville B&B

Bed & Breakfasts are becoming more wheelchair accessible.

Booking Help

Search and reserve your accessible hotel online.

Conquer the Canyon

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation joins forces with the Walking Connection.

The Transit Connect

The demand for accessible vehicles has grown.

Accessible Motorcycle

For those with spinal-cord injuries,riding a motorcycle has often been a fantasy. Not any more!

Wheelchair Durability

The University of Pittsburgh continues to improve the lives of wheelchair users.

Call for Action

The nations unemployment rate is low, but for people with disabilities, that number is staggering.

Troops to Teachers

Service members separating from active duty are trading in their rifles for degrees.

FY 2011 Budget

An historic budget

Hearing on Claims Process

Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act was intended to modernize the VA disability claims processing system.

Community Living

Coordinate services to promote community-based living for people with disabilities.

Project HERO

Veterans service organizations do not receive any real evidence HERO is enhancing care available at VAMCs.

Home Sweet Home: Improvements and Alterations

Home Improvement and Structural Alterations (HISA) is a VA Grant program providing money for structural changes in veterans’ homes to provide better access.

Disaster Response

Durable wheelchairs arrive after major earthquake.

Have You Heard?

Professionals coordinate care for seriously injured servicemembers.

Mall Shopping Made Easy

A FREE downloadable iPhone app

Billiards: World 9-Ball Tourney

Mother Nature nearly put a stop to this event.rts Rehab schedule (www.dsusa.org).

Team Sweeps Trap Event

Two dozen hardy shooters braved the elements for Arizona PVA’s tournament.

Winter Sports Rehab

The winter sports schedule offered more than 30 events

Information Center

  • The movie Heart of a Dragon (www.heartofadragonmovie.com) is an adaptation based on just a few days of Rick Hansen's Man in Motion world tour, when he was preparing to climb China's Great Wall, more than two decades ago. The first million dollars in profits will go to the Rick Hansen Foundation.
  • The Newsletter of the Technical Assistance Centers is a free publication containing information related to family caregiving and lifespan respite (www.caregiver.org).
  • Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: What You Need to Know addresses the wide variety of physical and emotional issues affecting people with this form of the disease (www.diamedicapub.com).
  • The presentation "Aging with a Spinal Cord Injury," which took place in June 2009 at the University of Washington Medical Center, is available as a streaming video and written report (http://sci.washington.edu.info/forums/reports/aging_6.09.asp).
  • "Smoking's Effects on Secondary Complications of Spinal Cord Injury," a video funded by the PVA Education Foundation, details the increased risks (www.spinalcord/uab.edu/smoking).

And Finally...

Contributor: A. Trevor Sutton
You enter a room and count 36 arms and legs. How many individuals are in the room? Answer: 11 humans and one dog. It's an amputee support group formed to provide a community and share resources. And its mascot is "Lefty," a three-legged dog who is much more savvy than anyone could guess.

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