March 2010 Table of Contents


Manual-Wheelchair Basics

Choosing a Chair and Using It

An Accessible Jewel

The most influential architect of his time, Frank Lloyd Wright designed about 1,000 structures, including a totally accessible residence for a PVA member.

Claims Logjam: An Update

How the current backlog affects PVA members and clients who have claims pending.

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Also in this issue:

Advice for New Chair-Users

Even such a simple mobility aid as a manual wheelchair needs suggestions for best use.


PVA’s legislative priorities require advocates at home as well as on The Hill.

Accessing Vets’ Services

VA has continued to explore new ways to make access to services more convenient and easier, especially for more isolated and rural parts of our country.

Readers Respond

The benefits of exercise therapy; Honor via COLA.

The Gas-Pumping Issue: Part 2

PN Readers Respond to the Gas-Pumping Issue

Priorities of VSOs

The House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs conducted a roundtable to review the priorities of the major veterans’ service organizations (VSOs).

Air Carrier Discrimination

Courts Rule on Individual Rights Under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA)

Green Jobs

PVA Explores Green Jobs

New OPM Deputy Director

Christine M. Griffin has been confirmed and appointed as U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) deputy director.

Pain After SCI

Whether acute or chronic, pain can be difficult to treat—especially after spinal-cord injury.

Cruise News

Travels by Air, Sea, and Land

Regenerative Rehabilitation

Regenerative rehabilitation will reshape healthcare over the next two decades.

Classy Camaro

A Classy Camaro Allows for Easy Access

Q & A on Vehicle Selection

Things to consider prior to purchasing an accessible vehicle

Helpful Robot

Retrieving your chair just got easier.

Safety Sensor

A weight activated safety switch helps keep you safe.

Learning from VA

From the government’s point of view there is a risk in putting people in charge of their own destiny.

Computer Corner

Effectively manage your digital-photo files and innovative ways to share them with others.

Caring for Each Other

Service dogs take care of people, and free eye exams help take care of the animals.

Strategies for Meeting Financial Goals

Planning tips to meet your financial goals; How to relieve credit-card debt.

Pins Fall in Las Vegas

The 2009 Vegas Invitational bowling tournament

Mount Kilimanjaro or Bust

Para Plans History-making Climb

Ski Champs

Conoco Phillips U.S. Adaptive Cross Country Championships

Two Shots, Two Kills

A chin operated shooting system enables quad hunter to bag two bucks.

VA Ratings of Incompetence

VA rating of incompetence: What is it, how does it affect you, and what can you do about it?

A Home That Works!

New series of articles will focus on accessible, energy-efficient homes.


Alamo Mobility’s “Warrior Wagon” for injured military personnel

Holiday Magic

10th Annual Augusta Toy Ride

Tools and Gadgets

The Illustrated Guide to Assistive Technology and Devices

Standing Products

2010 catalog of EasyStand standing frames

Better wheelchair living

Products for better wheelchair living

Looking Back

A look back at the March PN in three decades shows what was new in the world and in the magazine.

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