February 2010 Table of Contents


The Quest Continues

More than $1 million in grants will help advance spinal-cord-injury research, as investigators search for a cure and better quality of life.

The Best in
the Business

How do national service officers stay updated on all they need to know?

Learning to Thrive

When you’re dealing with bladder issues, the wrong choices can cause a host of health problems.

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Committed to Health

Rachel Cowan, PhD, receives prestigious award.

My Cathing Story

Surgery was the answer to her incontinence issues.

Bladder-Emptying Techniques

List of the most common techniques

Waste Not!

It’s time to hold the VISN and hospital directors accountable for the proper use of funds.

Sad Situations

New rules for getting DME from Social Security have adverse effects.

Remodeling for a Better Life

Universal design bathroom results in greater independence.

Many Minds, One Vision

Academy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals (ASCIP) will improve quality of care and quality of life for people with SCI/D.

Service Specialist

Workplace accommodations help quad in job.

Workplace accommodations, ADP, evacuation wheelchair, matching skills,

Website addresses critical issues.

Video Dispels ADA Myths

Employers learn about employment provisions’ misconceptions.

Virtual Job Fair

Employers and job seekers link conveniently.

Job Club

Program helps veterans find work.

Federal Initiative

Boeing receives DOD award for supporting AbilityOne.

Women’s Sexual Response

Sex drive for a woman is not simply an internal force such as hunger or thirst.

How to Regain “The Edge”

Computer helps high quad live a full life.

Advance Appropriation Now Law

VA healthcare programs to receive predictable, sufficient funding.

Inappropriate VA Billing

VA charges not accurate, place burden on vets, their families, and caregivers.

Appropriations Bill Approved

Funding levels match administration’s request.

Veterans’ Legislation

Bill provides support to family caregivers of severely disabled veterans.


Voluntary insurance plan helps people who become disabled.

Housing Grants

Special Adapted Housing inadequate, needs updating.

Amtrak Seeks Extension

Railroad needs funding to fulfill obligations.

BRAVE Act Introduced

Lets eligible vets automatically qualify for SSDI.

Universal Design

AARP roundtable focuses on accessible housing.

Healthcare Funding

Local VA medical centers are not receiving adequate funding.

VA Home-Loan Refinancing Programs

Two types of home-refinancing loans are available for veterans.

Presumptive Service-connection for ALS: Update

VA will recognize ALS as service-connected without proof of a relationship to service.

The Hidden Hurdle

Women with SCI have specific health concerns that need addressing.

Thomas Randall “Randy” Snow

Wheelchair athlete leaves huge legacy.

Richard Collier

NFL Football player embraces his disability.

Organization Changes Name

Well-known MS center is now Can Do Multiple Sclerosis.

Repair for Damaged Myelin?

Study suggests benefit in mice.

Vitamin E and Quercitin

Two nutritional approaches may have neuroprotective potential.

In Search of  Velvet Bucks

Hunt of a lifetime results in dream deer trophy.

A-Hunting We Will Go!

SCI doesn’t have to stop you from hunting deer.

Nail-biter Billiards

Memphis wheelchair-pool tournament proves competitive and enjoyable.

Sails Ho!—in Arizona?

Trapseat has become a World Sailing class for sailors with disabilities.


Power soccer tournament offers quality and excitement.

Faster Benefits Delivery

Pilot program expands to speed up application process.

Center of Excellence

Pittsburgh facility for wheelchair research and development is recertified.

Heroes’ Heroes

VA focuses on family caregivers.

Through Life’s Journeys

40 years of life as a quad.

Chair, Let’s Go!

Fitness is important for everyone. There’s something special about wheeling around.

Effective Interaction

Booklet offers tips on disability etiquette.

Access to Wheelchair Technology

Book tackles restrictions for developing better chairs.

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