March 2003 Table of Contents


Hooray for Hollywood?

March is Academy Awards time. What's Tinsel Town's "take" on disabilities and the actors who portrayor havethem?

A Key to Independence

Specialty chairs are becoming the norm, but for basic activities of daily living, a good everyday chair can be the key to self-reliance and dignity. Take a look at what's available?

Within the Realm

In the quest for restoration of function, the regeneration-fostering properties of olfactory tissue hold much promise for SCIbut the jury's still out.

A Different World

People often don't appreciate our country's medical and rehabilitation resourcesuntil seeing firsthand what's available in other parts of the world.

Study Participants Sought

The University of Nevada, Reno, is conducting a study sponsored by The Centers for Disease Control to examine social support in adults with paralysis.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

Editor Cliff Crase tells how you can join the fight to prevent the closing of a venerable southern California rehab center.

Caregiver Connection:

Some tricks of the trade to help you get the information you need over the telephone.

Living Well:

How do we continue to grow—and remain in good health—in the presence of a disability like SCI?

Mobility & More:

Are you a wheeler who suffers from neck pain?

Money Talks:

What's the best strategy for reducing the tax burden of retirement distributions?

Diagnosis: MS:

New drug could lead the way in MS treatment!

People In The News:

From competing in Alaska's Iditarod to serving in the Peace Corps—neither paralysis nor muscular dystrophy could keep these two adventurers from achieving their dreams.

Women & SCI:

As a woman with a spinal-cord injury, you have the ability and choice to have children. Here are some things to consider...

Computer Corner:

Two grants will fund a program to make Internet access easier for people with disabilities.

Sports & Recreation:

New name, different game!

Travel Tips:

Branson, Mo., attractions and a cruise line are the focus of ADA Title III disputes. Also: a Canadian B&B, a Greek resort, and a healthy cruise.

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