January 2010 Table of Contents


Access to Justice

Historic buildings must be made accessible. The 2009 Barrier-Free America Award winner proves it can be done!

Because We Care

Veterans Day is more than a time to attend a parade or remember those who fought for our freedom—it’s when we can honor and celebrate all generations.

Shock Absorbers for the Body

Choosing the right wheelchair seat cushion involves more than picking a pretty color!

Rollin’ Along

A dancing quintet’s power-chair performance wows the audience at this year’s National Veterans Creative Arts Festival.

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Also in this issue:

Positive Steps

Thanks to loyal supporters, hard-working staff, and a well-focused mission, PVA continues to make a positive impact in veterans' lives.

Report Card

Compassion and concern for veterans who have served their country form basis of General Eric Shinseki's actions as new Department of Veterans Affairs secretary.

Smart Home Technology: Part 2

PN contributor Kurt Larsen discusses common computer technologies for the home and the combination that works best for him.

Touchdowns Score for ALS

Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards launched a program that will help people with ALS and their families each time he leads his team to a touchdown

Joint Effort

The Lakeshore Foundation and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) join forces in rehabilitative science research program.

Alcohol Abuse & SCI

Alcohol plus SCI can be a risky combination; aging only adds to the problem.

Vans for Expeditions

Disabled Explorers and Sportsmobile West have built a custom recreational vehicle specially equipped for backcountry adventuring by people with mobility challenges.

“Future Chair” Unveiled

Dynamic Controls’ iChair connects users’ iPhones or iPod touch to a wheelchair system via Bluetooth® in order to display information in real time.

Teamwork Helps Vet Keep on Truckin’

Further OPTIONS, a developer of vehicle-entry systems for wheelchair users, helps people with physical challenges get back behind the wheel.

Pumping Gas: A Better Way?

People with disabilities face many challenges when attempting to pump their own gas.

Travel Club

The Handicapped Travel Club encourages people with disabilities and their families to travel, meet, and share information on making recreational vehicles accessible.

Air Partners

To make it easier for its wheelchair-using patients to readjust to air travel, Shepherd Center (Atlanta) has partnered with Delta Air Lines and AirTran Airways

A Work in Progress

Freedom Shores in southeast Mexico is working hard to make the beach resort a universal-designed vacation destination

Community-Based Rehab and AT

A workshop offers presentations from experts with extensive experience in developing technologies and providing services to impoverished regions.

Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance

Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance provides coverage on the home mortgage of certain severely disabled veterans and servicemembers.

Marine Corps Marathon

Winds and rain the night before clear the way for cool temperatures, sunny skies, and great racing at the 34th Marine Corps Marathon, in Arlington, Va.

Go Fish

Anglers with limited or no use of their hands or arms can operate the Fishing Doc™ rod and reel by sip-n-puff or joystick.

Paralympic Community Initiative

USOC and its Paralympic Division, along with USOC member organizations, will expand rehabilitative support at the community level in collaboration with VA, to injured veterans.

Planning a New VA Medical Center

After Hurricane Katrina, the Department of Veterans Affairs will construct a new medical center in New Orleans.

People in the News

Henry Claypool is named U.S. Department of Health and Human Services director of the Office on Disability.

The Rest of the Story

Past, present, and future veterans and their families and friends attended the 3rd Annual Military Day & Veterans’ Resource Fair in Tarpon Springs, Fla.

New Look at Old Problems

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark agrees to serve on the Department of Veterans Affairs(VA).

Plan for Homeless Vets

VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki unveiled the department’s comprehensive plan to end homelessness among veterans

BVA Receives More Help

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is adding four new veterans’ law judges to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.

Convenient Pet Door

The Plexidor Electronic Pet Door allows pets to go outside when they have to, not when someone can let them out.

Fishing-Rod Holder

The Enjoy the Fight™ brace works well for anglers who have trouble holding a fishing pole.

Compact Cushion

The ROHO Hybrid Elite™ cushion reportedly combines the skin-protection and shape-matching ability of ROHO DRY FLOATATION® with the stability of a Jay® contoured-foam base.

Are Safety Concerns Going Too Far?

Being vocal is important, since ADA laws are already in place.

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