November 2009 Table of Contents


Honoring All Who Serve

National memorials to U.S. military personnel are tributes not just on Veterans Day but all year long.

Manual-Wheelchair Lingo

You’re likely to obtain a better wheelchair and be more satisfied with the outcome if you understand the lingo.

Let's Talk About Sex—Please!

A new clinical practice guideline helps healthcare professionals explain the facts regarding intimacy and relationships.

Constant Companions

In addition to handling a wide variety of tasks, service dogs provide an unending source of love and comfort.

Warm Miami Welcome

History-making elections take top billing at PVA's 63rd annual convention.

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Also in this issue:

The Consortium for Spinal Cord Medicine

How can we make care for people with spinal-cord injury or disease more evidence-based?

Canine Partners for Life

Canine Partners for Life trains and places dogs to assist individuals with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities.

Not an Option

This is the day when veterans will stand tall and be proud.

The Unexpected

Life truly takes some interesting turns.

All in Your Mind?

Jedi is seeking to develop software applications based entirely on the cognitive process, or “thought control.”

Federal Study on Power Wheelchairs

OIG admits it did not account for services involved in providing and maintaining properly adjusted power wheelchairs.

Last-Minute Tax Tips (Part 1)

Important 2010 year-end planning tips

Cruise News

When it comes to accessibility, these three ships are superior!

New Air-Carrier Pamphlet

Changes made in the Air Carrier Access Act regulations all in one handy pamphlet.

Explore Iceland

Take trips deep into Iceland’s wilderness.

Angela Madsen

Ocean rowing – 58 days with no plumbing

Partnership for Success

ALS Association recognizes Booz Allen Hamilton with the Partnership for Success Award.

Are You Disabled—and Addicted?

For people with disabilities, abusing alcohol or drugs might develop into a way to handle stress and obstacles faced on a daily basis.

Weight-loss Solutions

Get in the habit of eating less and doing more.

Chronic Illness & Employment

Tips for dealing with chronic health issues at work.

On the Hill

Funding remains as biggest issue for Department of Veterans Affairs for FY 2010 and beyond. Also: PVA raises awareness of housing needs of people with disabilities.

Oceanfront Park Planned

Nobody should be deprived of a day at the beach.

Have Chain, Will Travel

Tips to break down barriers when traveling.

Aids for Battling the Flu

For less than $20 you can assemble a “Swine Flu Combat Kit.

Voc Rehab Office Opens

New Vocational Rehabilitation Office in Long Beach Calif.

The New Deal…Again?

The GI Bill is credited for stopping millions of veterans from flooding the job market thereby averting what could have been another Great Depression.

Suicide Prevention

One-to-one chat service for veterans.

Respiratory Management

New guide answers to common questions about respiratory health.

Pain Resource for Physical Therapists

The management of chronic pain is difficult.

Just 17 Minutes

How long must 17 minutes of fiction be accepted as fact?

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