October 2009 Table of Contents


Champions at Heart

Beginning with a bang and ending with a flourish, the 29th National Veterans Wheelchair Games continues a long tradition of creating surefire winners in the event of life.

It's Time to Act!

What's up with ultralight wheelchairs? Changing technology affects you, so your involvement in the development process is vital.

Medication Mishaps

A National Family Caregivers Month initiative provides sound advice on an often-confusing issue.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

PVA President Gene Crayton: "We share a bond no other veterans service organization has: veterans with SCI/D working with each other and for each other to make life better for ourselves and all people with disabilities."

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

VA needs to develop a home-based caregiver program for our country's aging SCI population.

The Seat of the Soul and Spinal-cord Dysfunction (Part 2)

SCI and MS are associated with pineal dysfunction and how the gland’s key hormonal product, melatonin, may be neuroprotective after injury.

Computer-access Alternative

Can individuals with high quadriplegia operate computer using head and eye movements?

You—and the Flu

Who should get influenza vaccinations and what you can do to protect yourself from the flu.

Making Flu Drugs Go Farther

Stockpiles of the drug were considered adequate, but the outbreak was upgraded to pandemic status, and the virus continues to spread worldwide. Will there be enough to go around?

Mobility and More

Michigan company offers conversions on Honda Element, Chrysler PT Cruiser, and Scion XB. Also: Wheelchair movement controlled by brain-wave technology, and custom mobility lighting kits and accessories.

On the Hill

House and Senate work to provide advance appropriations for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Also: House approves resolution which would increase grants for disabled veterans to make accessibility modifications to their homes.

Veteran Advisor

Vet Center program established to provide counseling, outreach, and referral services for veterans readjusting to civilian life.

Smart Home Technology: Part 1

ECUs have advanced greatly in the last 30 years and continue to play an important role in providing independence for some people who live with severe mobility impairments.

Overland Adventures

Camping safaris open up Africa to travelers with disabilities.

Foiling Financial Fraud

Web site helps veterans and military personnel fight financial fraud.

Sports and Recreation

Sailors with disabilities battle for top spots at 2009 North American Challenge Cup regatta in Chicago. Also: Billiards, fishing, bowling, and "Muddy Mayhem."

ALS Awareness

Genetic discovery helps researchers understand more about the ALS disease process.

The Many Meanings of Accessibility

Sorenson Language and Communications Center is part of the evolving accessibility commitment of Gallaudet University.

On the Job

Secretary of Veterans Affairs reaffirms the commitment of VA in helping veterans start or expand their companies. Also: One-Stop Career Centers provide assistance for job seekers.

Information Center

Department of Labor redesigns Web site providing resources on disability-related issues, programs, and services. Also: Free booklet on fire safety.

To Smoke—or Quit?

After tracking the group for an average of more than three years, investigators found MS disability progressed more quickly in smokers.

Just for Women

Young woman with spinal-cord injury is frustrated with answers from healthcare professionals.


PVA Speedy Award (nonmember category) goes to Robert M. Woolsey, M.D., professor emeritus of neurology at St. Louis University School of Medicine. Also: New GI Bill to provide opportunities for vets.

And Finally...

President Obama issues proclamation on 19th anniversary of enactment of Americans With Disabilities Act.

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