September 2009 Table of Contents


The Lure of Cruising

Ships are now more accessiblebut what about land tours?

Innovative Thinkers,
Innovative Solutions

When you can't find a job or don't want to work for someone else, consider going into business for yourself!

Document It!

Here's how to find an attorney who can ensure all your important papers have their i's dotted and t's crossed.

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Also in this issue:

PVA Presidents Message

Bettering the lives of our nations veterans is the basis of tough decisions made.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

Things will never be the same: Events of eight years ago forever changed our behavior.

Solar-Powered Scooter

Sun's energy powers golf carts and scooters in Florida.

Just for Women

VA seeks to improve programs and services for women vets, one of the fastest growing segments of the veteran population.

Beach Wheelchairs

Many parks and cruise lines have beach wheelchairs available for use free of charge, but a few precautions should be taken for your safety.

Money Talks

Its a good idea to review your investments periodically with risk tolerance in mind.

On the Job

Program encourages people with disabilities, their families, friends, and supporters to patronize businesses displaying Disabilities At Work plaque. Also: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sues United Airlines for discriminating against a class of employees with disabilities.

People in the News

Cliff Crase Award for Professionalism presented to Dr. Robert Huskey. Also: Joe Romagnano is this years recipient of PVAs Speedy Award (member category).

Veteran Advisor

Service-connected benefits are possible even if MS is diagnosed several years following active-duty time.

Tongue Control

Small magnet on tongue allows user to maneuver powered wheelchair.

Sports and Recreation

Mobility Cup 2010 to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Also: Disabled Sports USA hosts SummerFest, featuring instruction in several sports.

Fish Tales

Cal-Diego PVA hosts saltwater fishing event. Also: Anglers cast for walleyes in South Dakota.

State of the Science: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is topic of PVA-supported workshop for rehab engineers, physicians, therapists, counselors, and social workers.

Personal Health Records

Creating and maintaining your own personal health record can save time in recognizing symptoms and accurately diagnosing conditions.


Free training series is available from Resources for Children with Special Needs. Also: Musical CD to bring awareness of needs of vets.

Information Center

A guide to barrier-free travel is available: Also: Another guide for conducting accessible and inclusive meetings.

On the Hill

PVA supports legislation which would assist veterans who require highest level of care, including in the family healthcare area.

And Finally...

Bulova Watchmakers defend team championship during the third annual National Wheelchair Games. That was one of the topics in the September 1959 issue of Paraplegia News (PN).

Never Give Up!

It started out like a lot of inventions do. It was born out of necessity. I was trying to find a way to close doors behind me after they swung away from me. I couldn’t reach the doorknob without putting my wheelchair in the opening.

Mind Your Own Business!

Self-employment has long been an employment alternative for individuals seeking a new or better career.

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