March 2002 Table of Contents


A Story of Two Women

As a woman with SCI, you may think you can no longer become pregnant or perform parental duties. The truth is, that ain't necessarily so.

Drive Away: A Primer

For drivers with disabilities, choosing and purchasing an adapted vehicle is probably far more of a challenge than actually driving. Here's where to start!

The Baddest Wheelchair on the Planet

Adaptations turned an ATV into an adventure-seeking quad's dream machine.

Life: The Ultimate Gift (Part 4)

Is a kidney transplant a cure, or simply another treatment option that may or may not last a lifetime?

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase poses the question, What do ADA, the IRS, and sex have in common?

Travel Tips:

Travel and tour companies that serve clients with special-needs, and news about a lightweight lifter ideal for travelers.

On the Job:

Before you can sell yourself to an employer, you must know your product: you!

Mobility & More:

Reflections on the spirit and contributions of friends and fellow athletes who have enhanced our lives over the years, and announcement of a motor-vehicle travel study.

Diagnosis: MS:

A personal story illustrates how teamwork can keep you on the job.

Caregiver Connection:

A reminder that "help" is not a dirty word.

Money Talks:

A list of hot investment tip

Around the House:

Unable to open doors? Here's a solution! Also, where to find out about HUD grants to help low-income people become first-time home buyers.

Sports & Recreation:

A basketball team's quest for its 13th consecutive title, and news about a conference that addresses breaking down the barriers for women in the great outdoors.

People in the News:

An author who shares his 30 years of experiences with hiring help providers, and a craftsman who hasn't let his disability keep him from doing what he likes most.

Living Well:

What do sleep studies measure, and where's the best place to participate in one?

Government Relations:

Preliminary Health & Human Services report on eliminating barriers, and an update on Social Security's new work program.

Research & Education:

A noted researcher predicts a cure for SCI, and a neurology research center reports on a study grant.

News Beat:

A new assistive-device clearinghouse, CD ROMs that help people with disabilities learn about international-exchange programs, statistics on Internet usage by people with disabilities, the launching of a disaster-preparedness campaign, and a report on education, discipline, and disability.

And Finally:

Can a unified voice help people with disabilities claim the accessibility that is rightfully theirs?

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