June 2009 Table of Contents


If Disaster Strikes...

Can you do without electricity, gas, water, or telephone service? Having a plan helps ensure safety and comfort during difficult times.

Planning for the Future:
A Personal View

Knowing when and where to seek assistance is an important milestone in life.

How to Reach the Mountaintop

The skiing is a blast, but the people are most important at this life-changing and fun winter event.

Making Memories

"Rollin' on the River" takes on a whole new meaning next month in Spokane, site of the 29th National Veterans Wheelchair Games.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

Older vets, many of whom are reluctant to talk about their experiences, should be thanked because without their actions we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

Let's remember our World War II veterans and rededicate ourselves to ensuring the sacrifices they made for us is not forgotten.

Easing Spinal-cord Pain

Research is aimed at developing treatments for pain.

Laser Therapy’s Influence

Recent studies advance the belief that laser therapy provides increased function in patients with quadriplegia.

Checklist for Mobility Devices

Guidelines help people in selecting correct mobility devices.

Accessible Portland

Broken leg proves to be a minor inconvenience on the road to discovering the accessibility of the City of Portland.

Access Through Architecture

High school students discuss how their projects address the needs of people with disabilities in vying for awards in two national competitions.

ALS Awareness

Discovery of ALS6 gene provides direction in creating new treatments and finding a cure for MS.

Multiple Sport-Chairs

Simply requesting an additional sport chair without the proper development may only result in denials and long appeals.

Where and How to Get Care

An understanding of the differences of an SCI center, an SCI support clinic, and a community based outpatient clinic will help in deciding where and how to seek care.

People in the News

Jennifer Scott is a kinesiology master's degree candidate, speaker on disability and women's issues, athlete, and volunteer. Also: Dierdre McVoy and Sam Morris.

Caregiver Connection

Example of the problems encountered by patient and caregiver show the anguish and frustration repeated every day across our country.

A Closer Look

Ten disability organizations in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area to benefit as the Disability Empowerment Center of Arizona opens. (The exterior of the building is featured on this month's cover.)

Just for Women

Baylor College of Medicine's Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD) is now online. CROWD official: "The Internet...will be a major liberating force for people with disabilities, especially women who experience serious social isolation."

Wheelchair Transportation: Safety Trends

Over the past 20 years, great progress has been made to improve wheelchair transportation safety.

Labor of Love

What started out as a 1972 Super Beetle and a 1958 Harley became a beautiful machine.

Sports and Recreation

Sailboat has adaptive seating, is designed to resist tipping, and is guided by battery-operated joystick. Also: Idaho event seeks women wheelchair racers.

Fish Tales

Phil Paquette earns pro-level Nitro bass boat as member of Marine USA's Pro Staff Team.

On the Job

Department of Labor issues information on program to help unemployed Americans upgrade their skills and get back to work.


Great Plains PVA receives award from Omaha Mayor's Commission for the chapter's work in support of persons with disabilities.

Who Are You?

Author hopes people accept him simply as he is: an individual with a disability who has it under control and is dealing with it.

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