April 2009 Table of Contents


Through the Regs

It's almost summer; time to think about enjoying the refreshing water at your local pool. But wait-you may have to think again!

Caregiver Resources
at Your Fingertips

When life becomes a balancing act, help is at hand!

Reaching Out

Leadership, Service, Empowermentthe words may change from year to year, but the message remains the same.

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Also in this issue:

PVA Presidents Message

PVA Awareness Week brings message to the public that PVA is the organization with expertise on every issue concerning people with disabilities.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

PVA sports programs have expanded across the country and are not just for veterans but all physically challenged folks.

Ancient Medicine for a Modern Age

Buyang Huanwu Decoction, a Chinese herbal medicine used for centuries to treat a variety of disorders, including paralysis.

10 Hints for Booking a Cruise

Make sure the "fun" stays in your vacation by following some helpful tips.

iPhone and SCI: “It’s a Good Thing!”

iPhone features and accessories that are especially helpful for people with disabilities.

Research Update

Former race-car driver is encouraged by FDA approval iof embryonic-stem-cell trials. Also: Geron Corporation to evaluate safety of transplanting human embryonic stem cells.

On the Job

Young man with cerebral palsy is learning computer programming working at a document management company in Indiana. Also: DOL begins reporting data on people with disabilities.

Healthcare Hotline

Getting accurate information on how to stay healthy can be a constant challenge.

People in the News

Department of Veterans Affairs hosts farewell ceremony and farewell for retiring Deputy Secretary Gordon H. Mansfield. Also: HeadNorth Foundations Eric Northbrook.

ALS Awareness

Walk has raised more than $81 million since 2000 for services and programs provided by the ALS Association.

A Closer Look

Attendees at state-of-the-science workshop learn about polytrauma and the complexity of the injuries military servicemembers and veterans are facing.

Wheelchairs & Public-Transit Buses

For people who remain seated in their wheelchairs when traveling on transit buses, important safety concerns must be addressed.

On the Hill

PVA and other veterans service organizations identify advance appropriations for VA healthcare as their number-one priority. Also: Fiscal Year 2010 Independent Budget is released.

Sports and Recreation

Results at PVA/NWBA Billiards Tournament in Rochester, Minn. Also: Sailing and karate.

Veteran Advisor

Service organization like PVA is here to assist veterans in navigating the labyrinth of bureaucratic red tape.


Contest kicks off Wheelchair Getaways sponsored forum for people with disabilities as well as their families, friends, and caregivers exchanging information, experiences, and ideas.

Information Center

Summer programs listed for special needs children in the northeast United States. Also: VA Web on the road and Really Simple Syndication feeds.


Sensor monitors inflation of cushion. Also: A door closer, an exercise aid, a wheel cleaner, and a game controller.

And Finally...

John Williams gives his impressions of the people attending the Obama Inauguration, most of whom were sensing the history of the occasion.

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