March 2009 Table of Contents


Alaska: Still the Last Frontier

Enjoy awesome Alaska.

Beyond Barriers

From a morphing handcycle and tactile visual substitution device to an actively powered ankle-foot prosthetic, users and scientists are sharing ideas that shift the paradigm of possibility and bring the seemingly impossible to reality.

Target: Sufficient, Timely, & Predictable $$

Veterans groups push for real VA healthcare funding reform.

Stem Cells China

Research programs in China and other countries are working to develop safe and effective approaches to restoring function.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

Advocacy/Legislation Training Seminar is important in bringing to the forefront the topic of veterans and their rights.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

Fellow vets can benefit from what we in the SCI community have learned over the years.

Research Update

Researchers are looking at aspects of lifestyle that can interact with genes to cause or contribute to ALS.

Caregiver Connection

Reach out to those around you if you need help in providing caregiving assistance to your loved one.

Tips and Tools for Growing Older with a Disability

Changes in function and secondary health problems threaten a disabled person's ability to remain as independent as possible.

People in the News

Paralympic gold medalist Nick Scandone loses battle with ALS. Also: Marty Ball is among this year's inductees in Spinal Cord Injury Hall of Fame.

Remodeling for Access

Remodeled Maryland home illustrates an array of accessible features.

Trusts—and More!

Federal and state regulations are constantly changing relative to trusts and Medicaid eligibility.

Veteran Advisor

Military discharge status, length of service, whether you have a service-connected disability, and income level all affect co-pay requirements.

A Closer Look

Jack Tumidajski's book relates experiences of paras and quads in Mexico.

Sports and Recreation

Fencing organization is looking for disabled people to participate in their sport. Also: News from Disabled Sports USA and the Wounded Warrior Disabled Sports Project.

On the Job

ODEP survey reveals that once an employer hires an employee with a disability, it is much more likely that employer with hire others with disabilities.

Just for Women

Women with physical limitations or disabilities may be more than twice as likely to experience depression as other women, and they often do not receive treatment for it.


Dennis Francesconi, who taught himself—and mastered—painting with his mouth, is honored in California.


An applicator with a 23-inch-long handle and a front-load power wheelchair are featured.

Information Center

Book provides a framework for the courts and society to consider what programs or policies are more likely to lead to substantive equality for people with disabilities.

And Finally...

Victoria Page: "The more assertive I became, the more people listened."

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