February 2009 Table of Contents


What Else Is New?

Nerve regeneration. Increased function. Improved respiration. Mortality risk factors. Pressure-ulcer guidelines. Spinal-cord-injury research on these and other topics receives a boost from grants totaling more than $1 million.

Life at its Fullest

Motivational speaker and corporate coach Scott Chesney has a "master's degree in life experiences." His postinjury insights reach audiences around the world.

Understanding Your AD

No matter how frequently you encounter this potentially life-threatening medical condition, there is no denying it brings on intense anxiety—and needs immediate attention.

It's All About Training!

The 2008 National Service Officers Continuing Education Program is much more than a long title. It's a vital tool for ensuring the best information reaches the people who need it most.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

Until the injustice our veterans face every single day no longer exists, we will be here pushing these chairs until every single promise to all veterans and their families is kept.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

The new VA secretary must address the specialized services needed by our veterans and the unique capability of the VA to deliver the care that is required.

How to Find the Right Architect

American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a good starting point in making accessible modifications to a home.

Healing Options

Xenon is believed to play a key role in minimizing damage after neurological injury, including SCI.

Diagnosis: MS

National MS Society funds more than 440 research projects in effort to prevent, treat, and cure multiple sclerosis.

Personal Vans and Wheelchair Seating

Transfer into the motor-vehicle seat is recommended if possible.

Research Update

Course of action for SCI patients: Wait for a well-designed study with compelling animal data from several labs and for a small pilot study in humans to show that the risks of the treatment are minimal.

A Healthy Heart

People with SCI show an increased risk of developing heart disease.

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is common after SCI since the experience may be very different than it was before injury.

On the Job

Job outlook brighter for severely injured combat vets with opening of VA's new Veterans Employment Coordination Service.

Travel Tips

The buildings and streets in Montenegro may be inaccessible, but the country's people are working hard to overcome barriers.

Sports and Recreation

Billiards results from events in Memphis and Reno. Also: Trapshoot and bowling action, and U.S. Disabled Ski Team is now the U.S. Adaptive Ski Team to better reflect its members' athleticism.

People in the News

Military Writers Society of America honors Hodge Wood. Also: Frequent PN contributor Frank Cáceres is a prolific novelist.

Veteran Advisor

Vets with functional impairment from a chronic medical condition are most likely eligible for respite care.

A Closer Look

Herb Drill reports on the speakers, products, and services in the spotlight at the WCD Expo in Jacksonville.


Generous gift from Edward Rose Associates will help paralyzed vets eliminate architectural obstacles in their homes.

Information Center

Video offers tips for selecting a personal caregiver. Also: Books and videos relating to the workplace and legal rights.


Device can be used as both a dressing aid and a shoehorn. Also: The Altimate Medical Bantom is a pediatric stander.

And Finally...

Stan Brown: "As a wheelchair user requiring the assistance of others, I want the best help I can find. A person's skin pigment is not relevant."

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