April 2002 Table of Contents


The Ups and Downs of Elevators

Adding accessibility (via a residential elevator) to this century-old home has been well worth the challenges.

The State of the Union, 2002

What's the picture for Americans with disabilities?

Wannabe a Guinea Pig? Ask Questions First!

Thinking about volunteering as a research subject? Remember, experimental medicine has risks as well as rewards.

A Real-world Therapy

Peripheral-nerve rerouting: an answer to restoring significant function after SCI?

What "PVA" Means

Nonprofit, nonsectarian, and interracial, PVA is concerned with the welfare of veterans and nonveterans with SCI/D—and all people with disabilities.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase notes, if you think disability and hardship are the end of a happy, fulfilled life, you need to think again!

Mobility & More:

VW offers conversion assistance, lifts may exempt door latches, some hot new wheels make the scene, and a new trailer frame features a retractable lift.

On the Job:

A recession-proof career, and federal jobs for vets.

Living Well:

A major rehab hospital's study seeks the answer: Can manual therapy relieve postinjury pain?

Around the House:

Where to look for sources for those hard-to-find products that make life in a chair easier.

Travel Tips:

A TV series for the disabled traveler, some new travel guides, wheelchair-accessible taxi services in NY, where to find mobility aids when traveling in Europe, and Greyhound's lift-equipped buses.

People in the News:

An instructional program that has wheelers and their partners waltzing, two-stepping, and cha-cha-cha-ing.

Diagnosis: MS:

MSers carry the Olympic torch.

Veterans Benefits:

The fifth "vital sign," and what you can do about UTIs.

Government Relations:

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a little help? Check this out!

Research, Education & Practice Guidelines:

New consumer guides available.

News Beat:

A new health-education series on the Internet or CD.

Sports & Recreation:

A "Turbo" regatta, a new fishing device, and pigskin passion.

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