December 2008 Table of Contents


From Ambien to
Zanaflex: Making
Your Medications
Work for You

Ask questions and be an active part of your healthcare team!

Impressions of Beijing

Through a welcoming atmosphere, athlete ambassadors from around the globe discovered "One World One Dream" was possible—at least during the Paralympics.

New Ventures

In a novel VA summer-sports program, surfing, cycling, and sailing lure new veterans to San Diego's sunny shores.

Get a Smart Start on Your Taxes

It's never too early to get ready for April 15. The tax man comeththis time with helpful information!

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

With the spirit of the season, we rejoice and are thankful, but also we are reminded that we are a country still at war, and that this is the loneliest time of the year for a lot of veterans and their families.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

Eligible veterans are urged to apply for Combat Related Special Compensation payments.

Healing Options

Some people suggest that inert-gas therapy, which has been incorporated into rehab programs, may provide the regenerative energy needed to mend an injured spinal cord.

Travel Tips

George and Chris Gentry find trip to Germany and Switzerland is both enjoyable and accessible.

Caregiver Connection

For family caregivers the holidays truly are a mixed bag: What can we do to lessen the workload and keep the extra stress under control?

Diagnosis MS

Mayo Clinic and Mount Sinai studies report information relating to stopping MS progression and developing nervous-system repair strategies.

A Closer Look

Americana Gala highlights the role the honorees have had in helping our nation's paralyzed veterans and their families, and the role of sports and recreation programs in improving the quality of life for all people with disabilities.

People in the News

Long-time PVA friend and supporter David Budin passes away. Also: Joseph L. Fox Sr. is honored with PVA's Speedy Award, and Al Kovach and Frank Rigo are elected to key PVA posts.

Sports and Recreation

Results from the final event of season two of the PVA/NWPA National Wheelchair Billiards Tournament Series. Also: Skiing, adaptive device for holding playing cards, and North Central Trapshoot results.

Veteran Advisor

Nichelle L. Edwards, PVA NSO, explains Combat-Related Special Compensation and how you can apply.

Lift Away Your Fear of Stairs

Advances in stair-lift technology allow access to all areas of homes without compromising the aesthetics of their interior spaces.


Restriction of the cord's movement within the spinal cord can cause neurological changes.

Safety in Transportation

Integrity of a wheelchair seating system in a motor vehicle is critical to protecting a wheelchair rider during a crash.


For more than 25 years, Southeastern Guide Dogs has trained and given dogs to visually-impaired people who seek freedom, independence, and dignity.

Fish Tales

Results from pair of New England PVA fishing events. Also: Access to Recreation has fishing aids for disabled anglers.

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