October 2008 Table of Contents


Access for All!

This school's exceptional accessibility is attributed to the architect who designed it and the community that built it. They well deserve PVA's prestigious 2008 Barrier-Free America Award.

At the Polls: 2008

On November 4, Americans will vote for a new president—and our choices could not be more different. Where do the candidates stand on issues important to vets and people with disabilities? What voting aids will help these populations? Will this election's voting process stand up to scrutiny?

Speak Up for Healthcare

When healthcare professionals don't seem to be listening or when your loved one doesn't receive the required quality of care, what should you do? National Family Caregivers Month focuses on how to avoid these situations.

Quest for the Best

A new outlook about being a wheelchair user. Satisfaction of the need to compete. The spark for a change in attitude while adjusting to life after injury. It's the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, the world's largest annual wheelchair-sports event.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

PVA's mission has remained the same since 1946: first the veterans, then the families.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

PVA's Barrier-Free America Award recognizes those who make our country more accessible for all Americans.

Travel Tips

Zion National Park and city of Kanab provide accessible and enjoyable experiences for PN contributor Bob Alonzo.

People in the News

Poker-playing skills help Ethan Ruby in supporting worthy causes. Also: Ron Bolseth competes in "Chow Down for Charity" event.

Crash-tested Wheelchairs

When the best option is to ride seated in a wheelchair, request a WC19 compliant chair.

Chemotherapy: CNS Stem-cell Killer

Possible adverse effects of chemotherapy on healthy brain and spinal cord cells.

Diagnosis: MS

Workout should be altered as people with MS experience changes in their mobility and health.

Tips for Saving Time and Effort

Employing shortcuts and altering procedures can make computer usage more productive and enjoyable.

On the Job

Importance of contributions of disabled American workers is spotlighted in during October recognition.

A Closer Look

Program to help wounded veterans with training to enter information technology field.

Around the House

Implementing ADA requirements into an aesthetically appealing design can provide a challenge.

Sports and Recreation

Nebraska Barons capture National Wheelchair Softball Tournament title. Also: Gliding, birding, fishing, sailing, and more.

On the Hill

Legislation regarding paralysis research and rehabilitation does not get required Senate votes. Also: Senators introduce ADA amendment legislation, and Congress increases VA benefit for vets with severe disabilities.

Veteran Advisor

Multiple sclerosis provides uncertainty in treatment options.


VA hospital in Albuquerque named for highly-decorated Korean War veteran. Also: Awards recognize innovative developments and research in adaptive and assistive technology.

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