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America the Beautifuland Accessible

Stay "unimpaired"or become accessible? Despite the challenges of these dual goals, many of this country's national parks, with their universal-design features, are sparkling jewels among our nation's myriad treasures.

Projects for Real Life

Following a forward-looking trend, the PVA Education Foundation awards new grants worth $468,071.

Portland = Personality Plus!

Whether called "The Rose City," "Bridgetown," or "Beertown," Portland, Ore., is a thriving green, clean, and friendly city that offers something for everyone.

Vision & Conviction

Leaders on a national stage are under scrutiny by those they lead as well as those who watch. What challenges will these candidates for PVA national office face? How will they mobilize the organization toward shared goals?

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

Healthcare and employment for our veterans form the basis for the great work that PVA does.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

Downsizing and outsourcing are not words that paralyzed veterans requiring specialized care need to hear.

Travel Tips

Some tips to make your air travel experience easier, all involving planning ahead.

On the Job

The Web site www.AccessibleEmployment.org helps people with disabilities in finding a job.

Managing Weight

A modest weight loss of just 5–10%…can lead to improvements in your health.

Money Talks

If you meet the IRS definition of "disability," you can avoid the penalty of withdrawing funds early from your IRA.

Sports and Recreation

Organized wheelchair basketball observes its 55th anniversary with games...and fun!

Laptop Selection

Some important things to know before buying a laptop computer.

On the Hill

Education and housing for returning servicemembers are key topics of legislation studied in House of Representatives.

Living Well

Be proactive in your visit to the doctor's office.

Research Update

Shepherd Center is among several hospitals testing bio-engineered bladder.

A Closer Look

WRAMC/HERL event draws 150 physicians, therapists, counselors, social workers, and rehabilitation engineers.

Information Center

PVA's Yes, You Can! now available free online. Also: Accessible housing ideas.

Fish Tales

Arkansas angler catches fish and boat at PVA Bass Tour event hosted by Central Florida chapter.

Veteran Advisor

Important facts about the IRS economic stimulus payments.


A cup that does not spill. Also: A corner shower seat and an adjustable tray.

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