May 2008 Table of Contents


Well-versed Veterans

From VAs service and budget to ADA restoration, and gas-station accessibility to legislation, PVA reps learn the latest before discussing issues with legislators on Capitol Hill.

Riding Safely

If you use your chair as a vehicle seat, is it WC19 compliant? Why does this matter?

Success Story

In service only a year, PVA's Vocational Employment Counseling Center is already changing lives.

The Silent Enemy

No one is immune to osteoporosis�but what can you do about it? A new therapy may help.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

On Memorial Day, remember not only our fallen veterans, but also the ones who did come home.

Reasons & Remarks Redivivus

We must make sure that specialized healthcare for our nation's veterans is not sacrificed in the rush to change.

Wash Your Hands of It!

MRSA staph infections can be combatted with vigorous hand washing.

Money Talks

Make your retirement and/or savings a priority. A change of spending habits will help.

Polytrauma’s Sexual Consequences

Sexually related physical and psychological difficulties affect both male and female soldiers returning from the war in Iraq.

ALS Awareness

Shepherd Center patients benefit from customization and creativity of staff members.

Travel Tips

Travelers can share experiences on Web site to help others in planning trips. Also: Gathering recognizes need for one-on-one interaction with disabled travelers.

Research Update

NIH awards grant to researchers in Ohio in the area of stimulating muscles for standing, balance, and stepping.

On the Hill

PVA staff recommend extending counseling and educational services to families of veterans serving in Iraq. Also: Fairness in housing legislation introduced.

People in the News

Veteran with MS excels in woodworking. Also: David Bailey and Gordon Mansfield.

Wheelchair Transportation Safety

Anyone who travels seated in a wheelchair needs extra information to ensure the highest level of personal safety when traveling.

A Closer Look

Trip to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center leads to implant of device to relieve author's spasticity.

Sports and Recreation

Tucson Senior Olympics participants aim for high scores and fun. Also: Lakeshore Foundation offers free programs for severely wounded vets.

Just for Women

Center for Research on Women with Disabilities provides valuable exercise information on Web site.

Veteran Advisor

Have paperwork in order; it will help survivors in determining entitlement to benefits.

Diagnosis: MS

The MS Longest Day of Golf benefits from sale of cookbooks.


High school students in competition to design and build assistive technology devices.

Information Center

Book addresses topic of mainstreaming disabled people into society. Also: "Disability Empowerment."


Device that protects and supports the arm is one of four products profiled.

And Finally...

"Life settlement" is a cash payment to the owner of a life insurance policy.

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