January 2008 Table of Contents


A Healing Place

Twenty-five years after dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, "The Wall" is still an awe-inspiring symbol—and is especially honored on Veterans Day 2007.

Better Eating
for Better Health

Did you compile your annual list of new year's resolutions? Here's one you should definitely stick to!

A Gateway to Recovery

The healing power of creative expression is sometimes overlooked. The National Veterans Creative Arts Festival brings it to the fore.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

Veterans Day events in Washington, D.C., reinforce PVA message: We take care of our members, their families, and all veterans.

Air Affairs

Airline officials need to look at how the move toward smaller aircraft affects disabled travelers.

Money Talks

Dividends help take the pressure off volatility because they tend to be predictable and relatively stable.

On The Job

PVA life member launches Website for classic-car enthusiasts.

Computer Corner

Podcasts: Finding them, listening and subscribing to them, and producing your own.

Have Power Chair, Will Travel!

Helpful tips while traveling with a power chair.

Mobility & More

Disabled driver's reimbursement request for installation of hand controls is not honored.

Life After High-level Injuries

Studies indicate that the severity of disability has little to do with perceived quality of life.

Research Update

Pamphlet available to help you make an informed decision if you are thinking about participating in a clinical trial.

People in the News

Following a spinal-cord injury, Ron Moldenhauer became an advocate for universal design. Also: NSCIA creates the Harley L. Thomas Lifetime Achievement Award.

Veteran Advisor

An explanation of how the Department of Veterans Affairs determines a combined disability rating.

Sports and Recreation

Athletes battle wind and difficult course at Washington, D.C., event. Also: Twelve cyclists tackle Yosemite National Park in four-day ride.


Hunters are successful on moose hunt at remote Alaska location.


Vantage Mobility International donates two wheelchair-accessible Honda Odysseys to New York City Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities and the Office of Veterans Affairs.


New stander for larger users. Also: A rotating seat for standers, a bathroom aid, stander supports, and a child's seat.

And Finally...

Coco, the service dog, gives owner confidence when venturing out in public.

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