November 2007 Table of Contents


Salute to Veterans

Veterans Day recognizes the important contributions of the millions of people whose military service had a profound effect on our history.

A Tribute to Cliff Crase

PN Editor Cliff Crase was a true gentlemana modest man who delighted more in others than in the many accolades he earned.

Meeting in Missouri

St. Louis was the scene, but sightseeing took a back seat as PVA tended to business.

Bladder Management & SCI

A recent clinical practice guideline will help healthcare providersand ultimately benefit adults with SCI.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

Passage of legislation beneficial to veterans is good, but funding is necessary too.

Reasons & Remarks

Thank our nation's vets, and tell our elected leadership they must provide the support and care our veterans are entitled to receive.

Living Well

Maintaining good skin health especially important for those with spinal-cord injury/disease.

People in the News

PVA loses one of its top volunteers. Also: Hodge Wood, who has written a three-book series about his experiences following injury.

Sexuality and SCI

When SCI is present, men and women have special needs in the sexual department.

Veteran Advisor

Certain necessary healthcare services received when residing or traveling abroad may be reimbursed.

On the Job

U.S. Department of Labor grant provides assistance for youth with disabilities.

Travel Tips

Information on Cherry Hill RV Park near Washington, D.C. Also: Doeing's 787 Dreamliner accessibility features.


PVA Americana Gala honors individuals and corporate leaders who champion improved quality of life for veterans and all Americans with disabilities.

Money Talks

Tips given in the areas of securities sales, retirement plans, and charitable contributions.

Fish Tales

Nam Knights (featured elsewhere in this month's PN) assist at New England PVA bass tournament. Also: Disabled angler Larry Cooper develops wheelchair-accessible sportfishing boat.

Sports and Recreation

Results of North Central PVA's annual shoot. Also: Dave Baskin designs shotgun for disabled shooter.

Information Center

Book provides insights on recovery following SCI injury. Also: A book on caregiving, and a book on managing and treating polio.


Device allows wheelchair users to pull in close to tables. Also: A cushion for the lower extremities and a mobile stander.

And Finally...

Comedy duo stretches the truth for shock value and ratings.

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