August 2007 Table of Contents


Justice for Veterans

The U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims may docket 4,000 cases this year, as its judges seek to rule in an efficient way.

Vertical Value

Whether you are sitting or standing, vertical movement has its advantages!

Get Ready
for the Games!

Preparing a city to receive 500
or more wheelchair athletes
is no small undertaking.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

All PVA members and their families are affected by the tough decisions made by PVA's leaders.

Reasons & Remarks

PVA VP sees huge potential in racing exposure.

Mobility and More

Graduate student rewarded for research in restoring communication.

Travel Tips

Ports of call may not fall under ADA guidelines.

Healing Options

Program at clinic in India shows promise in effort to restore function.

Sexuality and SCI

Communication is key starting point to healthy sexual relationship.


Company provides repair as goodwill gesture. Also: Youth display artwork.

Research Update

End-user feedback important in evolution of prosthetics technology.

Sports and Recreation

A look at the accessible features of New York's John Dillon Park (pictured on the cover of this month's PN).

Veteran Advisor

Topic: Pharmacy co-payments for peacetime nonservice-connected spinal-cord-injured veteran.


Hunter travels far to bag 400-lb. wild boar.

Information Center

"The Comfort of Home" also addresses the topic of burnout.

Fish Tales

Coverage of tour events in Texas and Illinois.


Utensils reportedly can be bent at any angle. Also: A nail clipper and custom wheel covers.

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