March 2007 Table of Contents


Disability, Challenge, and Discovery

For some people, life is not about living within the accepted boundaries of society—but about pushing the limits.

The Diseases
Less Reported

Beyond traumatic injury and multiple sclerosis, what diseases and conditions affect the spinal cord?

Pushing a Wheelchair: Simple Task—or Accomplished Skill?

There's more to good wheeling than meets the eye. You don't just get in and go!

State of the Science

This leading research facility is making great strides to improve the mobility and function of people with disabilities.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

All of us must work together to make sure veterans do not lose a single benefit.

Reasons & Remarks

Programs and surveys yield some positive signs.

Mobility and More

Patent-pending device provides mobility options for wheelchair users.

People in the News

National Spinal Cord Injury Association honors "Class of 2006" at ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Money Talks

Growing assets and retaining purchasing power of money is essential.

Around the House

Addition to house provides special accommodating features for disabled person.

A Closer Look

PVA benefits from generosity of Juniper Networks, Inc.

On the Job

Personal Assistance Services: Invaluable for people with disabilities.

Travel Tips

Side trip to Mexico proves enjoyable.

Diagnosis MS

Tricks and tips to keep your mind sharp.

Caregiver Connection

Family caregivers' health almost always put in jeopardy.

Sports and Recreation

Arizona event introduces disabled youth and adults to adaptive sports programming.


Staff at Townsend Bombing Range in Georgia hosts PVA hunters.

Research Update

Researchers in China develop function-restoring therapies.

Veteran Advisor

PVA helps veterans and veteran survivors.


Cleveland's Maximum Independent Living observes 25th anniversary.

Information Center

A book tells how to deal with the ups and downs of MS. Also: A book on rafting and an insurance reference guide.


Cushions of "in between" sizes is profiled. Also: A high-performance power wheelchair.

And Finally...

Couple find bird-watching enjoyable. Look around and find your hobby!

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