February 2007 Table of Contents


Rebuilding Circuits

The Center for Neuroscience and Regeneration Research is harnessing "the molecular revolution" to find cures for people with spinal-cord injury/dysfunction.

Power Play?

Last November's elections changed the makeup of the U.S. Congress. What can we expect now?

College Bound

College isn't for everyone, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue some sort of higher education or job training.

Maintaining the Standard

To stay informed on VA's benefits and healthcare issues, PVA's national service officers?professionals in every way?went back to class.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President?s Message

When a veteran?s benefits are cut or denied, it?s easy to overlook the fact that VA claims workers, many of whom are veterans, are buried in paperwork.

Reasons & Remarks

Computer terms are defined.

Access through Architecture

The renovated complex at George Washington?s Mount Vernon is fully accessible.

On The Job

Five suggestions for writing the perfect résumé.

Travel Tips

Accessible houseboats are available at Lake Powell.

Mobility and More

Vantage Mobility International is now converting Honda?s popular Odyssey minivan.

Research Update

Workshop looks at current trends in research and clinical practice for spinal-cord injury.

Living Well

Consistent fluid intake and routine bladder emptying are important.

A Closer Look

Accessibility is the law at spring training sites.

On the Hill

Details of Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Improvement Act of 2006.

Sexuality and SCI

Communication is key to good sexual relationship.


Beaver Creek hunt is held for disabled hunters.

Sports and Recreation

United States team takes curling championship in Canada.

Veteran Advisor

Veteran is eligible for extended life insurance coverage under provisions of law signed in 2006.

Healing Options

Results are mixed regarding benefits of treadmill training.

Information Center

In "Chronic Nights," a man is bent on revenge toward men in wheelchairs. Eleven other books are reviewed.

Diagnosis MS

National MS Society is planning to provide care management and financial assistance.


Sales of product to benefit people with spinal-cord injury.


Product helps children and adults who have difficulty tying shoelaces.

And Finally...

Young teenage girl writes of her first encounter, at age 9, with the word "paralyzed."

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