November 2006 Table of Contents


Call to Order

As PVA celebrates its 60th anniversary of advocating the rights of veterans and all people with disabilities, delegates met this past summer in sunny California to chart the course for the organization's continued success.

Standardization—What Is it Doing for You?

Experts have been working to refine and improve mobility-aid and adaptive-equipment standards—but much more needs to be done.

Shopping Guide

Looking for a useful appropriate gift? Here are some great suggestions...

Salute to Veterans

The Lone Star PVA Honor Guard continues to provide services to families of fallen comrades.

Paralyzed Veterans of America:
Breaking Ground for Benefits

Helping veterans secure benefits is central to PVA's mission. The organization's reputationand consequently that of its national service program—is one of credibility.

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Also in this issue:

PVA President's Message

We all have something to be proud of on Veterans Day, and that is our freedom.

Reasons & Remarks

Reception on the deck of the USS Midway was a spectacular event.

Healing Options

Findings are presented from implanting bone-marrow stem cells into the injured spinal cords of patients in India.

Sexuality and SCI

Dangers of dysreflexia for men who use vibrostimulation.

Money Talks

Rules regarding income-tax deductions for charitable giving.

Around the House

Chelsea Purcell benefits from one of the lesser-known Habitat projects from around the country.

Veteran Advisor

Things you should do to file a successful claim under Title 38 U.S. Code section 1151.

On the Job

Roadblocks face many spinal-cord injured people who try to return to the workplace.

Mobility and More

The wheelchair is not confining. It's liberating.

Living Well

Pain associated with spinal-cord injury often interferes with the ability to participate in everyday activities.

Research Update

Research findings of isometric (force-reflective) joystick technology.

A Closer Look

Healthcare professionals exchange valuable information at annual conference.

Sports and Recreation

Injured Vietnam vet is active in skydiving, hunting, and trapshooting.


The only female member of the U.S. Paralympic Wheelchair Curling Team wins U.S. Paralympic Spirit Award.

And Finally...

Brice Carroll recounts events from some adventurous outings with his three sons.

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