June 2006 Table of Contents


Home Designs for Comfort & Ease

An accessible residential design book offers a mix of practical advice and creative inspiration.

Paralyzed Veterans of America: Building a Better Future

For 60 years, accessibility has been one of PVA's major concerns. The organization's Architecture program provides much more than just floor plans.

Advocates in Action

PVA members' efforts on Capitol Hill are vital in maintaining support for issues concerning all veterans, including those recently returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks

PVA celebrates 60 years, and wheelchair basketball is in its 60th year as well.

Caregiver Connection

One study estimates 100,000 hospital deaths occur each year from adverse drug reactions. Find out what you can do to protect your loved one.

Diagnosis MS

What factors contribute to the onset of multiple sclerosis? In a related article, read about Hank Brandli's first encounter with MS symptoms in "And Finally..." on page 90 of this issue of PN.

Living Well

If you keep your skin healthy, you will have more good days and you will feel better.

Healing Options

Curanderismo is a mind-body-spirit healing approach that supplements conventional medicine.

PVA President's Message

The mission of PVA has always had a single focus — its members.

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