February 2003 Table of Contents


Special Section:
Assistance Dogs It's a Dog's Life!

Assistance dogs give people with disabilities the dignity of independenceand the rest of us an education about love and dedication.

The Taxman Cometh!

Gathering your financial records for April 15? This lowdown on disability issues may help you prepare your 2002 tax return.

Fishing for Quality Help Providers

Where can I find quality PAs when I need them, and how do I attract the best ones to work for me? Here's some practical advice.

Relationships on Trial

In a relationship, disability can be the "last straw"—or a catalyst for change.

Wanted: Democracy in the Marketplace

Why haven't motors, batteries, and other major components in wheeled-mobility products improved in decades?

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

Editor Cliff Crase reflects on where we've been—and where we've ended up—in our attempts to find the "politically correct" words to describe people with disabilities.

Computer Corner:

Of mice and more-than-mice: Finding the best pointing and clicking device for your needs.

Diagnosis: MS:

A retinue of celebrities steps out to champion the fight against MS and educate the public to the fact that there is life after an MS diagnosis.

Around the House:

Need a ramp? There are several convincing reasons to choose metal.

On The Job:

After Sherman "West" Westmoreland's motorcycle accident, he could no longer walk—but that hasn't stopped him from rolling. Read about Westmoreland's journey from biker to entrepreneur.

Living Well:

Treat your body as you want it to treat you—you never know what'll confront you next!

Mobility & More:

Tired of sitting? Here's a new device that can bring you to your feet.

Money Talks:

Learn the truth about living trusts: maybe a good idea, but definitely not a cure-all.

News Beat:

Afraid of being trapped in a tall building? This new self-contained evacuation device can relieve your fear.

People In The News:

The real-life stories of two real-life men—both paralyzed as a result of motorcycle accidents—who haven't let their disability stop them from living life to its fullest.

Research & Education:

Is spasticity permanent, or can it be reversed?

Sexuality & SCI:

A clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist offers some frank answers to your questions about sex and disability.

Sports & Recreation:

With recent advancements in technology and innovative designs, sailors with a wide range of disabilities are now able to actively crew on sailing vessels of all sizes.

Travel Tips:

For the traveler with a disability, preparation and planning can make the difference between a great trip and a disaster. Here are some suggestions. Also: three free resources for travelers with disabilities.

Women & SCI:

How would the father of the bride escort his daughter down the aisle—in his wheelchair—to meet the man with whom she had chosen to spend the rest of her days?

And Finally...:

For some of us, being able-bodied is a bigger "disability" than having physical challenges.

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