March 2006 Table of Contents


Fine ARTists

Whether they relearned a craft or discovered a new "gift," these determined people haven't allowed disability to hinder their talents.

Research Into Healing Advances

The current field of spinal-cord research is filled with many exciting discoveries. By funding innovative research and new scientists, the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Research Foundation plays an important role in advancing the understanding and treatment of spinal-cord injury and disease (SCI/D).

Special Section:
Solving the Upper-Limb Pain Puzzle

Manual-wheelchair users with SCI rely on their shoulders and upper limbs to maintain their ability to live independently, doing as much on their own as possible. That's the paradox and also why healthcare professionals are focused on studying ways to prevent upper-limb pain and injury.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America: Eyewitness to History

During World War II, physicians tackled a new area—problems resulting from SCI, when life expectancy after injury was only about 12 months. A pioneering doctor recalls "paraplegia wards"—and the start of PVA.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons and Remarks

Editor Cliff Crase unfolds the latest saga of a well-meaning but beleagured ADA running amuck...or not...once again.

Access Through Architecture

Located in Washington, D.C., the National Museum of the American Indian offers a fully accessible cultural experience for visitors of all abilities.

Caregiver Connection

Columnist Suzanne Mintz advises readers that while caregiving is hard—and it always will be—it doesn't have to be quite as hard as it is now. And the willingness to speak up for yourself is the beginning of making things better.

Healing Options

Corinne Jeanmaire and S. Laurance Johnston, Ph.D., team up to explain the pros and cons of a stem-cell program developed by a Dutch company. While signs may be promising, questions remain concerning safety and effectiveness.

Living Well

Botox is incorporated into many rehab programs as a second- or third-line treatment for problematic spasticity in individual muscles. Is it an option for you?

Mobility and More

Guest columnist Vicky Watkins admits, "Never in my wildest nightmares did I want a van, and especially not one of those types with the medical hardware reminding me constantly of my disability." Then, just two months later—.

Money Talks

Financial advisor and columnis Dan Jones cautions readers to think carefully before prematurely taking money from retirement savings.


Bits and blurbs bring readers up to speed on: student fund-raisers who donated to Keystone PVA, a tribute to Ernie Chavez, and a Christopher Reeve Foundation grant recipient.

On the Hill

The latest legislative highlights focus on the FY 2007 Independent Budget presented to the Department of Veterans Affairs, a Georgia inmate who won a Title II case, a proposed emergency preparedness bill that includes individuals with disabilities, and the appointment of a new EEOC commissioner.

On the Job

The right tools can make the job much easier! "I spend a good portion of my time working with designers and engineers to make sure accessibility requirements are addressed in the early design phases of a new product," says the Georgia Tech Research Institute's Dr. W. Bradley Fain. Fain is shown on this issue's cover with James Johnson, who has quadriplegia, testing the paper tray of an all-in-one copier/printer.

People in the News

A songwriter, a government official, and a recently deceased sports trailblazer/aviator/outdoors enthusiast/actor—all with disabilities—are highlighted in this month's issue.

Sports and Recreation

Like to fish? Bowl? Canoe? Read about all three in this month's issue! (If you like wheelchair sports and recreation, you'll love our sister publication, SPORTS ’N SPOKES.)

Veteran Advisor

This month's question: "Can VA cut off my VA van service just because they gave me a wheelchair lift for my van in the past?" PVA National Service Office David Weinstein has the answer.

PVA President's Message

Paralyzed Veterans of America National President Randy L. Pleva Sr. appreciates the funding—and recognition—PVA receives thanks to the support of National Hot Rod Association teams and drivers, who believe in what PVA is and what it stands for.

And Finally...

Contributor Stanley Brown happily finds a reassuring message in recent movies and TV shows: You can have a rich and full life while using a wheelchair.

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