February 2006 Table of Contents


Wake Up and
Smell the Peanuts!

Baseball's spring-training season in Arizona is a delight for wheelers.

Don't Be Invisible

From pediatrics to geriatrics, some of the most important issues and topics in the disability arena are presented via the World Congress and Exposition on Disabilities. A special forum at the December event focused on the media and disability.

Focus on Benefits Quality

New issues and changes in veterans' benefits crop up every year, making continuing education key for professionals charged with benefits delivery.

Black Valor & American Independence

In February, Americans celebrate Black History Month. This special section describes important current contributions by two black veterans with disabilities and includes a brief history of African-American military service.

The Paralyzed Veterans of America:
From the Beginning

Early paraplegic veterans knew they were a different breed. Whether because of injury, wheelchair use, or society's attitudes, they pioneered a new trend.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks

Editor Cliff Crase enlightens readers with the legend of PN's editors, dating back to the publication's humble beginnings in 1946.

A Closer Look

Contributor Liz Randall rates the three- and four-day Disney Wonder cruise's accommodations, activities, and service.

Diagnosis MS

In the last segment of their series on stress and MS, Dr. Frederick Foley and Jane Sarnoff discuss ways to tame the "MS stress tiger."

Healing Options

In the first part of a series on agressive physical rehab, columnist S. Laurance Johnston, Ph.D., looks at several programs that appear to restore significant function for many people after SCI. He also pays tribute to Portuguese neuropathologist Dr. Carlos Lima, a finalist for an innovation award at last November's World Technology Network Summit.


Outdoorsman Virgil Qualls shares his experiences hunting Texas whitetail.

Living Well

Longing for that relaxing, pampered spa experience? Here are some tips on how to achieve the atmosphere and the benefits in your own home, whatever your level of disability.


Blurbs and bits about a multimedia, multisensory, interactive jazz performance; a new line of attire for people with disabilities; a video award winner; a wheeler who dropped the first puck at a pro hockey game; a name change for Christopher Reeve's foundation; and a company specializing is special-needs vehicles.

On the Hill

Legislative highlights include a recently enacted Veterans Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA), a VA traumatic-injury protection program, and transportation appropriations that should support solutions for gaps in transportation for people with disabilities.

On the Job

Inspired by TV shows such as American Chopper and the mountain-bike and custom-car industries, Bill Lasher began designing chairs and wheels he could build, making a difference in the lives of countless wheelers.Read his story in On the Job, along with news about the first-ever Strategic Workforce Symposium (hosted by the Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network and Monster.com) and a new publication from the U.S. Department of Labor that provides guidelines for federal agencies for including employees and visitors with disabilities in emergency plans.

People in the News

Profiles of three movers and shakers in the disability community: Johnny R. Chlebowski, Gregory A. Joyce, and Manfred Sauer.

Sexuality and SCI

Involvement with pornography while in a relationship is akin to lighting a stick of dynamite! Columnist Stanley Ducharme, Ph.D., notes that people with disabilities are not immune, and discusses the possible repercussions.

Travel Tips

Columnist Carol Randall offers information about an emergency road service that not only tows your vehicle if you should break down but also guarantees accessible transportation for you and your passengers. There's also news about a Web site with all the information you'll need to plan an accessible trip to the region of Liguria, Italy, as well as a review of a disaster-preparedness booklet published by the American Red Cross.

Sports and Recreation

Updates on birding in Maine, legislation allowing active-duty U.S. military members to train for and participate in the Paralympics, and an online resource for golfers with disabilities. (If you like wheelchair sports and recreation, you'll love our sister publication, SPORTS ’N SPOKES!)

Veteran Advisor

PVA Senior Benefits Analyst Joseph E. Badzmierowski answers this month's question about medication co-payments.

President's Message

Paralyzed Veterans of America President Randy L. Pleva Jr. recounts the adventures of two country boys (Pleva and his guest, country singer Aaron Tippin) at the White House.

And Finally...

Contributor Randy Snow reflects on opportunities and responsibility.

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