June 2002 Table of Contents


Pressure Sores, Part 1: "An Incurable Malady?"

Are you at risk? Here are some tips on how to prevent pressure sores—and when they appear anyway, how to help them heal faster.

I Do! I Do!

Three couples prove that disability doesn't mean you can't have the wedding of your dreams.

On the Move

After an avalanche shattered two vertebrae and left him without movement below his waist, Nick Coltman relies on a different set of activities to keep his jam-packed life busy—and interesting.

That Championship Touch

Basketball buffs enjoyed action a-plenty during this year's title tip-offs.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks:

PN Editor Cliff Crase reflects on when, why, and how PVA's leadership structure was created.

Caregiver Connection:

The right title can convey the power to bring about change.

Living Well:

Is it a fruit? Or a vegetable? Regardless of what you call it, the tomato is a gold mine of nutrition.

Computer Corner:

An ability-related community Web site puts the emphasis on fun.

Diagnosis: MS:

Can replacing the immune system via bone-marrow transplantation stop MS?

On the Job:

Whether you're a potential employee looking for some training and/or a job, or an employer seeking qualified workers with disabilities, the right resource can make all the difference.

Mobility & More:

A major car maker puts people with disabilities into the driver's seat of a new model offering a street-racer's looks and features.

Healing Options:

Nutritional alternatives for preventing and fighting urinary-tract infections may help preserve the future effectiveness of life-saving antibiotics.

Travel Tips:

Free online guide offers information on the accessibility of cultural institutions.

News Beat:

Wondering what to do with your old wireless phone?

Fish Tales:

The PVA National Bass Trail kicked off in Georgia with chilly weather and plenty of big fish.

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