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COVER STORY: Strength in Numbers

An inherent power of any advocacy organization is its ability to mobilize its members, as PVA recently demonstrated.

Sports & Rec —
A Great Medicine

Don't cross off enjoyable sports or recreational activities because you think you can't do them any more. What you think may not be possible now, actually is!

Helping Hands

"NSO" can stand for National Symphony Orchestra, National Statistics Office, or even National Solar Observatory. But, in this case, it means helping veterans.

Pool Party

Why swelter in summer's heat? Whether for therapy or just cooling off, residential swimming pools and spas can be accessed by just about everyone.

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Also in this issue:

Reasons & Remarks

An adventurer second to none—a rugged individualist—is gone. PN Editor Cliff Crase remembers pioneer climber, extreme skier, writer, editor, film producer, and mountain guide Barry Corbet.

A Closer Look

An FDA-registered seating device developed by two Farmingdale State researchers combines seating-pressure relief with a massaging action that stimulates blood and lymph flow toward a pressure ulcer. This reportedly speeds the healing process while people conduct daily activities in their wheelchairs.

Around the House

Contributor Thomas H. Powell shares some "shop talk" about how he adapted his woodworking tools and workshop and has built innumerable cabinets, furniture, bookcases, sheds—and a house.

Diagnosis MS

How do you choose the right medical treatment from everything available to you? In Part 1 of a series on alternative therapies, columnist Virginia Foster explores the different treatments—alternative and conventional—out there for people with MS.


What would you consider a "perfect" deer hunt? Contributor Bill Kokendoffer describes his in this month's column.

Living Well

Antibiotics are increasingly important drugs that are often overused. Are you guilty? This is Part 2 in a series of articles about antibiotics (and how they apply to SCI) and other medications.

Mobility and More

A wheelchair carrier that accepts most standard chairs reportedly takes you over the softest sand, grass, or other uneven ground. Read about it in this issue, along with a report on a side-by-side bicycle built for two and an award-winning power wheelchair with four-wheel independent suspension.

Money Talks

Columnist and financial advisor Dan Jones says without a comprehensive financial plan—one that incorporates asset-protection considerations—you may unwittingly be doing the right things to benefit all the wrong people. This month Jones offers the ABC's of asset protection.


News releases cover: the latest developments with wheelchair-cushion and cushion-cover manufacturer ROHO, a Swiss foundation's networking efforts to exchange information to benefit people with SCI, and the 25th anniversary of an invaluable PVA employee.

On the Job

How many people with disabilities ar working? Find out in this month's On the Job FAQ. You'll also read about a device that allows wheeling workers to hold eye-level discussions with colleagues, climb stairs, ascend steep ramps, and negotiate curbs; a rehab employment promise that came true; an update on the Social Security Administration's Ticket to Work Program; and an upcoming employment conference for Latinos.

People in the News

James E. (Jim) Smith—actor, advocate, and good friend to paralyzed veterans—died on March 11. Michael Burns remembers the man who was cantankerous, irascible, and charming?and definitely one of a kind.

Sexuality and SCI

For people with SCI, meeting a new person, dating, and surviving after a divorce pose special problems. PN readers are familiar with these subjects. Transportation, medical matters, finances, personal care, and accessibility are all real issues to contend with. In addition to these physical factors, emotional issues can also greatly interfere with meeting and eventually "hooking up" with someone new. Columnist Stanley Ducharme, Ph.D., offers some advice on getting back into the dating game.

Travel Tips

Columnist Carol Randall highlights accessibility in this month's featured destinations: the Western U.S.; Kauai, Hawaii; Peru; and Florence, Italy.

Veteran Advisor

Contributor Bo Rollins explains the most significant changes to veterans law with President Bush's signing of the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2004.

Weight Matters

The fifth in a series of articles on weight management confirms the old clich?: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." This month, Caroline Suzanne Henson, M.S., R.D., talks about the importance of meal planning and offers tips for developing a weekly meal plan.

PVA President's Message

"PVA members will not just sit in their wheelchairs and watch their fellow veterans forced out of VA." So said PVA President Randy L. Pleva Sr. in the organization's annual testimony before a joint hearing of the House and Senate Committees on Veterans' Affairs. Read that testimony in its entirety in President Pleva's column.

And Finally...

What did passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act accomplish in Wayne, N.J.? According to guest columnist Alan Parker, not much.

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