Special Section: PVA Convention 2003

Reprinted from PN July 2003

From the magic of wheelchair-accessible Graceland to family fun at the Memphis Zoo, visitors discover a wealth of history and activities in MEMPHIS: HOME OF THE BLUES(and of PVA’s 2003 Annual Meeting and Convention). Memphis will also host PVA’s large slate of candidates, each with a vision for the organization that involves MOVING FORWARD.

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Located in the southeastern corner of Tennessee, Memphis is where gutsy guitar riffs stir your soul and the sweet, smoky scent of barbecue teases your senses. The city moves to a rhythm all its own, filled with the stuff that great travel memories are made of.

In this “home of the blues” and “birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll,” attendees will leave their blues behind as they roll through the PVA Annual Meeting and Convention, scheduled for August 4–9.

In the July 2003 issue, read all about what the city—and the candidates—have to offer!


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Special Section: PVA Convention 2003


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