Changing Lives

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News April 2019

PVA is investing more than $750,000 in these research grants to try and improve the lives of veterans and others with SCI/D.

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Results from various and numerous research projects impact every aspect of our lives on an almost daily basis. The food we eat, the work we do, our health care and the technology we use are among the countless things affected by research. Research is also key to improving the lives of veterans and others living with spinal-cord injury and disease (SCI/D), which is why the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Research Foundation annually funds numerous scientists to conduct inquiries and examinations that involve SCI/D.

These scientists address significant problems and develop new strategies to ameliorate them. Some strategies become clinical protocols and guide best practices. Others are used to guide additional research efforts. All have the potential to be life-changing for veterans and others living with SCI/D, their caregivers and health care partners. The 2019 PVA Research Foundation’s funded grant projects address important problems and have the potential to change lives. 


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Changing Lives


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