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Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News September 2018

From workshops to educational materials, PVA Education Foundation grants help improve the lives of those with SCI/D, their families and caregivers.

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In many ways, knowledge is power. It provides you with the power to make decisions, find resources and use information to improve the quality of your life. The Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) Education Foundation helps deliver that power of knowledge through its yearly grants. This year, the foundation has awarded $193,272 for six grants that will deliver knowledge through person-to-person interactions at conferences and symposia, through individual and group demonstration projects and through assessments to determine a person’s understanding about important topics such as wheelchair seating.

The Education Foundation also added a new category, Consumer Guides, to its list. Companions to the Spinal-Cord Injury (SCI) Consortium Clinical Practice Guidelines, Consumer Guides will take the key information in a guideline and develop resources that are more practical and “readable” by individuals living with SCI, their families and caregivers. There are now a total of six categories in which education grants can be awarded: Consumer, Caregiver and Community Education; Professional Development and Education; Research Utilization and Dissemination; Assistive Technology; Consumer Guides; and Conferences and Symposia. The next Education Foundation grant cycle opened Sept. 1. For more information, visit

The Education Foundation funded the following projects in three categories this year.


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Expanding Knowledge


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