Accessibility Grows at CES

Reprinted from PN/Paraplegia News June 2018

From smart home technology to panel discussions, accessible technology continues to become a bigger part of one of the largest trade shows in the world.

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The annual Consumer

Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas just gets bigger every year. This past January, more than 3,900 companies from around the world packed almost 50 football fields of exhibition space throughout the city with the latest and greatest technology soon to be hitting store shelves. Plenty of that space is filled with the newest TVs, video games, cars, computers and other amazing electronics. However, one of the fastest-growing segments at CES over the last few years has been products to help people with disabilities and/or senior citizens live independently. Accessible devices such as eye-gaze technology, hearing aids, wheelchairs and much more could be found in dedicated areas like the Accessible Marketplace and Eureka Park. However, CES isn’t just a place where new products are displayed. It’s also a place where ideas are exchanged. A number of events were held to showcase how the power of technology has helped people of all abilities. This included panels focusing on how smart home technologies are enabling greater independence for people, regardless of age or ability, and examining the benefits self-driving vehicles for the aging and disability communities. Of course, the bottom line for an event like CES is what upcoming products could make a difference in the life of someone with a disability. Some of these devices have already been detailed in several PN Innovations articles earlier this year. This article is a roundup of the other interesting and amazing accessible technology from this year’s event.


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Accessibility Grows at CES


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